Lobo is a 3 year old neutered black and tan male Beauceron with cropped ears. Lobo is your typical young male Beauce boy, he is goofy and bouncy. Lobo was surrendered to rescue when another dog in the household began fighting with him. His family came to the difficult decision that living the crate and rotate lifestyle was NOT fair to Lobo. They do think he would get along just fine with an easygoing female. Lobo is reserved with strangers and needs time to warm up to people he doesn’t know. He was shown briefly when he was young, but he much prefers the quiet, homebody lifestyle. Lobo has basic manners and training, and is housebroken and good in a crate. He is being fostered in CA.


Lobo was adopted in November of 2018, he is enjoying life with his family in the pacific northwest.


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  1. Hello ,

    My name is Mattew, i have just recently lost my male doberman , Rocco was 11yrs old. We still have our 8yr old female deemon and she needs a friend…loneliness isnt good for her. She is easy going and calm.

    I would like to know more about Lobo.

    Thank you

  2. Is Lobo available? We have one at this time but is nearly 12 and think he is getting close to the end. We also have a Belgian Malinois that is approx 3-1/2 they get along great but likes to play more than he. What part of Cal is the dog located? I live in Washington State near Everett. Let me know what info you may have. Thanks Randy

  3. Hi! My husband & I are interested in adopting LOBO….Please tell us how to move forward! We are a married couple, we live alone , on 25 acres in Rising Sun, MD…. Lots of room to run & exercise and we have lots of time to spend with LOBO….giving him a loving and stable forever home!
    Thanks so much! Looking forward to hearing from you! Tim & Fon Canatella

  4. I would love some additional information on Lobo. How is he with male dogs? I have a male Borzoi who is extremely laid back and amicable with absolutely every dog he meets. He is very submissive. Do you believe this would be something that could work out for him?

    Thank you in advance!

  5. is Lobo still available? How is he with other dogs? I live in the country on 10 acres and lots of the country dogs run loose and I need a dog that gets along well in this setting. We are long time Beauceron owners. Our last died a year ago at age 14 and 1/2. Mu husband is a former Sentry dog trainer in Military. We both work at home so the dog is rarely alone.
    Please let us know.

  6. Lobos pic and description sounds like my warlock dobie sonny, who I miss a lot. I have been searching for the right beaceron for a while. I did animal rescue for about 20 years. I have been looking for a pup, and it didn’t register until I saw Lobos pic a rescue dog might be the way to go. Please sent me some more info on Lobo. I’m over 50 and enjoy the quiet homebody lifestyle also. (It’s nice to share it though). Is he a large dog? That would be a bonus for me. Happy Thanksgiving.
    Thanks, Tim McDonald

  7. Hello,
    We had to put our male Beauceron to sleep recently. He had cancer. When I saw Lobo, I loved his face.
    Would love to see/meet him if possible. We live in the Los Angeles area.
    We have an older female, Zesty. She is 11 years old. And, we have for over 20 years.

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