Breeding for Profit

If you see “Beauceron,” “rare breed,” and dollar signs, you are not the first person to try to ride the breed for the big bucks.  The big bucks are not there, as several people have discovered after investing in a “breeding pair.”  Your initial outlay for the purchase of a stud or brood bitch is just the beginning.  You’ll need at least $3,000.00 more per litter to cover stud fees, transportation of the bitch, ear cropping for the puppies, initial shots and worming, feeding of the puppies and the adult(s) with quality food, advertising, registration of the litter – and all this is if no problems occur. If there are delivery problems with the pups, then be prepared for a large Vet bill!

The Beauceron is not a flashy film star Dalmatian, or a cute wrinkled up Shar Pei.  There is not a big demand for Beaucerons, so do not look on the breed as your gateway to fortune.  People who truly want this tremendous, versatile breed of dog desire quality dogs, not a non-standard, non-working dog, bred under the most uninformed conditions, to supplement someone’s income.


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