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Advice for potential beauceron buyers

Energy Level

The Beauceron is an active, athletic breed that requires a great deal of physical and mental exercise. Owners must be prepared to provide the mental and physical activity that the dog needs on a daily basis. Beaucerons have an endless supply of energy and cannot be tired out. This is not a couch-potato dog! A  …

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Breed Traits

The Beauceron is a confident, highly intelligent, independent and strong-willed dog. They are typically very protective of their owners and their territory and are generally reserved or aloof with strangers. Beaucerons are slow to mature compared to many other large breed dogs, so don’t expect your dog to “act like an adult” until around three …

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So You Think You Want A Beauceron

The Beauceron is a wonderful and versatile breed. Before deciding whether the Beauceron is  the right breed for you, take the time to meet some dogs and speak to their owners. One way to learn about the breed is to join the American Beauceron Club (AKC parent club), which provides members the opportunity to meet and …

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Health Concerns in Beaucerons

No breed is completely without health problems. Ask the breeder what health testing they have done on the sire and dam and if they are aware of any health issues in their lines (parents, grandparents and great-grandparents). Even among the most responsible breeders, health issues may arise. How a breeder responds to such problems is …

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