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2017 National Specialty Results

2017 Journee Logo

Final Results for the 2017 National Specialty

2017 ABC Nationale D’Elevage Scores

2017 Journee Logo

Colloquially known as the 2017 Journee, this French-style judging was actually done in accordance with Nationale D’Elevage standards. Our illustrious CAB judges were Madame Katerine Couteau (Morphology) and Monsieur Guy Bonnefoy (Temperament).

2017 Elevage Score Sheets

DAtlas des Ombres Valeureux

Journee 2008

Journee 2007

Journee 2006

Journee 2005

It should be noted that the Test de Caractère (Temperament Test) is an optional portion of the Journée

The Journée Temperament Test

(A Brief Overview) By Claudia Batson The test consists of several steps, each designed to evaluate a specific aspect of the dog’s temperament. Entry into the testing area: The ring secretary greets the exhibitor, verifies the identity of the dog and checks his tattoo. The dog’s collar is removed and replaced by a new one, …

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Journee 2002

  It should be noted that the Test de Caractère is an optional portion of the Journée and not all dogs particpated.  Also, some dogs had already been Temperament Tested at previous Journées.  Dogs must receive an Excellent for each portion in order to receive an Excellent overall.  Some dogs may have higher scores but …

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