Important Documentation

Registration Papers

When buying a show puppy, ask the breeder if you will be receiving full or limited AKC registration papers.  Limited registration means the dog cannot be shown in AKC conformation events and any puppies he or she produces will not be eligible for AKC registration. The dog can participate in any other AKC sport.

Even if you don’t plan to show or breed your dog, if it is a show-quality puppy, ask what conditions must be fulfilled in order for the breeder to change this to full registration – your plans could change!

Most breeders offer a limited registration for their pet quality puppies

The breeder must register each puppy with the AKC – so it’s common to receive this documentation after puppy has already gone home. You should also receive a three-generation pedigree, showing your puppy’s lineage.

Sales Contract

Make sure the breeder has a sales contract that covers all the items of importance: health guarantees, replacement/refund policies, and under what circumstances each can be invoked.

If a problem arises with your puppy, you may wish to include the option of having the breeder replace the puppy or give you a refund. If the breeder has acted with due diligence in selecting their breeding, but still a serious genetic issue arises, you may not want a replacement puppy from a related breeding or a repeat breeding of the same pair.  These are considerations that should be addressed in the contract before you sign it. A good contract will clearly state what the breeder will do to correct a problem

Health records

The breeder should also supply you with the puppy’s health records from their veterinarian.


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