Meet The Sire and Dam

While it is not always possible to meet the sire and dam, you should make every attempt to do so. The breeder may not always own the stud dog so ask for photos or a video if you are unable to meet him. If you cannot visit the breeder, ask if it is possible to obtain a video and/or photos showing the following:

  • The dam relaxing in the home.
  • The dam interacting with people, other dogs and/or animals, both ON and OFF their own property.
  • The puppies interacting with the dam and their littermates.
  • Puppies interacting with people.
  • Ask for the same kind of video and/or photos of the sire.

Pay careful attention to the dam’s temperament but realize that if the puppies are young, the dam may be protective of them. You may want to meet the dam separately so you can see what she is like when her pups are not around. Keep in mind that she is raising your future dog. If the temperament of either the dam or the puppies is overly shy or aggressive, you should reconsider buying one of these puppies.

You can get a good idea of what a puppy will look like as an adult if you see its sire and dam.  You will normally see the dam with her pups, but the stud may be in France or clear across the US.  Ask to see pictures of the stud, make sure they show front, side, and backside.  This is critical if you intend to breed your pup when it becomes an adult: good pedigrees do not automatically mean good conformation! Of course, you should insure that both the sire and dam have been x-rayed.  The Beauceron is not prone to hip dysplasia, but there are some lines out there with lax hips. Ask to see proof of x-ray results. Insure the sire and dam have been  “Confirmed” by a French judge, and ask to see the French papers; a reputable breeder will have them.  “Confirmation” insures the sire and dam fall within the standard, and demonstrate all the Beauceron characteristics.


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