Feb 02 2008

Newsletter Editorial and Advertising Policy

The Beauceron Bulletin (Bulletin) is the official publication of the American Beauceron Club (ABC) and is for ABC activities, news affecting the ABC membership, educational, informational and entertaining materials. It also provides a means for the membership to advertise.

The Bulletin welcomes submissions of photographs, drawings, articles and other materials for publication. Materials submitted and accepted for publication become the property of the ABC unless other arrangements are made with the Board of Directors of the American Beauceron Club (the Board). Neither the Board nor The Bulletin assumes responsibility for receipt of submissions of any kind. No materials sent via US Postal Service or other such means will be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed envelope bearing proper postage. Materials sent via electronic means will not be returned, whether published or not. The Bulletin, its Editor(s) and the Board reserve the right to reject and/or edit all submissions.

The Bulletin accepts advertising in good faith and assumes that those advertising act in good faith in the representations and information provided in their advertisements. The Editor further reserves the right to request proof of titles and certificates mentioned in advertising. All advertisement of dogs offered for stud service, the sire and dam of upcoming litters and/or of puppies advertised for sale or placement, and dogs of either sex age 2 years or older offered for sale/lease/free of charge must include an OFA number and rating or the information that the animal has failed OFA. PennHip ratings and foreign equivalent are acceptable. Rescue and re-home dogs offered by the ABC are exempt from this requirement. Ads announcing new titles, birthdays, purchases, and similar do not require this information. The Editor and/or the Board will have the right to decide whether or not an ad requires this information.

Neither the Editor nor the Board guarantees the viewing or printing quality of any ad accepted for publication. No refunds will be made for ads that contain errors or are not “aesthetically pleasing” to the Advertiser. Ads submitted as “print ready” must be in jpeg format.

The ABC promotes and expects fairness and accuracy in all submissions and in buyer/seller relationships arising out of materials published in The Bulletin. The Board and/or the Editor reserve the right to refuse any materials considered in their opinion to be questionable or to require additional information before publishing such material. The ABC does not recommend, guarantee, endorse nor rate breeders, their kennels, or their stock. The ABC, Board of Directors and Editor(s) do not take responsibility for errors and/or misrepresentations in advertising or misunderstandings arising between buyer and seller.

The Beauceron Bulletin is copyright of the American Beauceron Club. No portion of The Beauceron Bulletin may be forwarded or reproduced in any form without the express written permission of the American Beauceron Club Board of Directors. This includes posting to e-group forums or other social media venues not under direct control of the American Beauceron Club.

The Bulletin’s Editor has the right to edit, reject, or otherwise take action with any material submitted for publication. Rejected items will be presented to the Board, who may overturn the decision of the Editor. There will be subjects and photographs considered always inappropriate for publication in order to maintain the positive image of The Bulletin, the ABC and the Beauceron. These include, but are not limited to, “bite work” photos and dog fighting.

If a story is rejected or major editing is needed, the author will be contacted. There may be instances when the Editor(s) will do some editing without notification. The ABC supplies the space occupied by each writer’s words; therefore each writer is asked to please be respectful of this policy. ABC’s Editorial/Advertising Policy and Guidelines is included in The Beauceron Bulletin at least once per year and is also available from the Editor, the ABC Secretary or the ABC website.

Complaints pertaining only to The Beauceron Bulletin must be submitted via email to the Editor and the ABC Secretary at their email address published in The Beauceron Bulletin.

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