Texas Beaucerons Start 2018

Some of the Texas Beaucerons have had a busy first quarter this year!

Victoria Paul’s Solo (UCH Han Solo du Chateau Rocher CGCA CDX RE) got his BH & TKN titles, Luna (CH Jupiter Moon in Blue du Chateau Rocher CGCA) got her RE & 2 legs toward her CD.

Stacy & Rich Crivello’s Vader ( Laisser le Côté Sombre Dans de la Valle Katahdin CGC, FDC) got his TKN, leg 1 of his RN with a score of 94 tied for 4th place, his CGCA & CGCU. He is also taking herding lessons and agility. Banshee (Mopar She’s Hell on Wheels de Haute Crête) got her CA.

Ashley Ducato’s Nimbus Mes Yeux Vigilants got her RN with a score of 98 & 4th place and one leg one of RI plus showing in conformation. Karma (Xandy Warrior Soul) is currently the #1 Beauceron in FastCAT.

Crystal & Mike Bomer’s UCH IntCH HnrCH-S Jazelle Mes Yeux Vigilants has been taking herding lessons, beginning agility and showing in conformation.

All of the above dogs also did FastCAT this year. Unfortunately in TX we have very limited times of the year any type of lure coursing is offered due to the heat. And of course females in season can’t compete and they seem to have an uncanny knack for being in season during the times coursing is offered!

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