Feb 01 2018

The Judges’ Recap from the Journee: Dixon, CA 2016

What a great pleasure to be invited again this year by Karla Davis and Amy Gibbs-Ehrie to judge the 2016 American Beauceron Club journée’s temperament tests.

First of all, I was delighted to be able to travel with M. Jean-Paul Kerihuel, French and International judge and herding breeds expert. We had the opportunity to discuss the Beauceron traits of course and also the herding dogs in general. I learned a lot by his side and I was pleased that we share many of the same selection criteria when it comes to morphology. We arrived a few days before the event and we were welcomed like family by Rhydonia Ring and Gary Curtis who opened their home to us while everybody was impatiently waiting for the ABC journée to start. I always enjoy seeing people at the other end of the world share the same passion as I do for the Beauceron and Rhydonia is the living proof of that passion. The Beauceron is her whole life and I was particularly touched by the love that she still feels for her late Volcan de la Negresse. Thank you, Rhydonia, for your kindness, your spontaneity and for your passion for the Beauceron.

The event started on Wednesday in Vacaville with the herding trial. Despite a completely different course from what we have in Europe, I was able to appreciate the work done by all the dogs and particularly by the Beaucerons which saw the handsome Hogan de la Noé d’Orient take High in Trial Beauceron in the morning and High in Trial Beauceron in the afternoon leading to the High Combined Beauceron title. What a tribute to his origins and to his lines. Heartfelt congratulations to his owner, my friend Christine Emery.

The journée this year was held in Dixon, quaint little northern California town. The site was very nice and appropriate for the various events and show. However it was less ideal for our temperament test due to the close vicinity of campers and RVs.

Despite a higher number of dogs being entered this year (49) very few were presented at the French Temperament Test judged by myself. I would like to thank all the owners and breeders who entered the Temperament Test. Not many received an Excellent but some dogs had a real potential.

It was a pleasure to see all the American Beauceronniers again.

Eric Vavassori

  It was a great pleasure to judge the 2016 American Beauceron Club journée held in Dixon, CA. I would like to thank the President, Amy Gibbs-Ehrie and her committee for their warm welcome, their spontaneity and the kindness demonstrated by everybody. What a nice and passionate big Beauceron family.

I would like to thank the exhibitors, the owners and the handlers as well for their sportsmanship. My grandson, Soa, is very grateful for this unforgettable stay in California.

I would also like to express my gratitude to Rhydonia and Gary for their hospitality. We will never be able to thank them enough for welcoming us for a weeklong and for all the good time spent with them in their beautiful house.

Thank you, Christine Emery, my devoted secretary/translator and a true passionate of the working Beauceron.

A thank you also to Eric Vavassori for his deep knowledge on puppy education and for all the technical guidance provided to the working Beauceron. Along with his daughter, Lou, we formed “the French cynophilist squad” in the USA! I examined 48 beaucerons and I was surprised by the great quality of the dogs presented. Solid bones on the males, good heads and expression, excellent topline and angulations, good muscle mass, good hocks and minimal panardisme. In summary, there were dogs that could have their place in our French Championship. The females were sometimes a little light but like the males, they had good hocks and minimal panardisme. Most of the dogs that I judged had an excellent temperament.

And what can I say about the best of the journée, GRCH De Joie Du Chateau Rocher CA “Gideon”. A sweet and stable dog with a perfect structure, a beautiful movement, in great condition and with a dreamlike presentation. Congratulations to his handler, Tony Carter, for taking this dog all the way up to the top in the USA.

In conclusion, I had a great time judging your beautiful journée.

Thank you all for your friendship.

Jean-Paul Kerihuel


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