Beauceron Care and Training


Beaucerons shed like any other dog. The Beauceron has a double coat – the undercoat being relatively soft and lighter color, with the top coat being rough and water-proof.

There is no hiding the fact that a large black dog lives in your house, especially during shedding seasons. A good brushing every day during shedding seasons and a weekly brushing the rest of the time will go a long way in keeping your Beauceron looking its best.


Ask the breeder what they feed and recommend. Be sure it is a quality food and one that you can readily obtain for your dog. If you want to change the food, you will want to do so gradually.


The Beauceron requires firm but fair training and handling on a consistent basis. There is no one “right method” for all dogs, but whatever method you choose, be sure it accounts for the fact that this is a highly intelligent, and sometimes independent, breed.

The importance of early and proper socialization and consistent training cannot be overstated. It is also important to understand that Beaucerons do not tolerate harsh treatment from anyone, especially strangers. Therefore, it is best to avoid harsh training methods – particularly those that involve physical corrections, since these methods generally do not work well with this breed.

Although the Beauceron is a very versatile breed that can excel in just about any activity available to dogs, they can be rather “pushy” and require an owner who can provide leadership, training and socialization. If you plan to participate in a particular sport, look for a breeder who has produced dogs that are successfully competing in that sport. Keep in mind that well-behaved dogs that are successfully competing in any sport have had a lot of training to reach that level.


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