American Beauceron Club Versatility Award


The Versatility Bronze, Silver and Gold titles are designed to spotlight the dog-handler teams who work with one another in a variety of events. Eligible dogs must be owned or co-owned by current American Beauceron Club members. They are awarded in recognition of the accomplishments of the dog/handler in a range of activities: Conformation, Obedience, Schutzhund, Agility, Herding, and other activities in which certification or titles are earned. All titles must be earned or awarded by nationally recognized organizations.

Each level of each category has a different point rating. All awards require a different number of points. All points must be earned in at least three (3) different categories selected from groups A – I. Full points are not given for additional titles at the same level. Only 1 point additional is given. So if the dog has attained an AKC CH and then a UKC CH the dog would have 4 points for the AKC CH and an additional 1 point for the UKC CH title since they are at the same level. Versatility is showing the dog has mastered many areas and not a specialist. Points are cumulative. So the 10 points earned for the bronze and 5 more points earned gets a silver award when meeting the other requirements.

The requirements for each award are listed below:

Versatility Bronze (VB)

  1. A minimum of 10 versatility points.
  2. One novice level title from category (B-I). B-I are:
    1. Obedience - CD
    2. Tracking - TD
    3. Schutzhund - SchH I
    4. Agility - NA or NAJ
    5. Herding HS
    6. Strength
    7. Service
    8. Fun
  3. One point from Category K:  Health.
  4. A maximum of two points from Category J:  Temperament, but none are required for the VB.

Versatility Silver (VS)

  1. A minimum of 15 versatility points must be earned including first earning the Versatility Bronze (VB) Award
  2. One title from the intermediate level from category (B-I). Intermediate level
    1. Obedience - CDX
    2. Tracking – TDX or VST
    3. Schutzhund - SchH II
    4. Agility - OA or OAJ
    5. Herding HI
    6. Strength
    7. Service
    8. Fun
  3. A minimum of 1 point from Category J.

Versatility Gold (VG)

  1. A minimum of 20 versatility points must be earned including first earning the Versatility Bronze (VB) Award AND a Versatility Silver (VS) Award
  2. One advanced level from category (B-I). Advanced level titles are:
    1. Obedience - UD
    2. Tracking – TDX or VST
    3. Schutzhund - SchH III
    4. Agility - AX or AXJ
    5. Herding HX
    6. Strength
    7. Service
    8. Fun

Versatility Award Point Schedule
Points in all categories are cumulative; i.e., the UD degree entitles the dog to a total of 9 points: 
CD - 2 + CDX - 3 + UD - 4 for a total of 9 points. 

Category A:  AKC, UKC, ARBA, International & French Conformation

AKC Champion 4 points
UKC, ARBA or International Champion 3 points
Recommende (cot 4) 3 points
Excellent Rating 2 points
Tres Bon Rating 1 point
AKC Grand Champion (any level) 1 point

Category B:  AKC, UKC, ASCA, International Obedience

  • AKC titles listed - other venue equivalents will be awarded the same amount of points
OTCH 5 points
UDX 4 points
UD 4 points
CDX 3 points
CD 2 points
DVG/USA Obedience 1,2, or 3 2 points

Category C:  AKC Tracking

CT 5 points
VST 4 points
TDX 3 points
TD 2 points
FH2 4 points
FH1 3 points
DVG/USA Tracking 1,2, or 3 2 points

Category D:  Schutzhund/Ring

SchH III, Ring 3, or IPO III 5 points
SchH II, Ring 2, or IPO II 4 points
SchH I, Ring 1, or IPO I 3 points
Brevet Ring 2 points
WH 1 point

Category E:  AKC, UKC, NADAC, USDAA Agility

  • AKC titles listed - other venue equivalents will be awarded the same amount of points except UKC titles as listed.
MACH 5 points
MX or MXJ 4 points
AX or AXJ, AGIII 4 points
OA or OAJ, AGCH 3 points
NA or NAJ, AGII 2 points
AGI 1 point

Category F:  AKC, AHBA Herding

  • AKC titles listed - other venue equivalents will be awarded the same amount of points
HCH 6 points
HX 5 points
HI 4 points
HS or HGH 3 points
PT or JHD 2 points
HT 1 point

Category G:  Strength

Draft Dog Certification 1 point
Carting Certification 1 point
Weight Pulling title 1 point
Sled/Skijoring Dog - participated in an event or race 1 point
AD (Endurance title from USA or DVG) 1 point

Category H:  Service Dogs

Registered Therapy Dog - minimum 20 service hours 1 point
Search & Rescue Certification 3 points
Service dog Certification - minimum 100 hrs service 3 points

Category I:  Fun Sports

Flyball 1 point
Dock Diving 1 point
Freestyle 1 point
Rally 1 point
Frisbee 1 point
Canine Scent Work 1 point
Lure Coursing 1 point

Category J:  Temperament

ATTS TT 2 points
French TT 1 point
French CSAU 1 point
AKC CGC 1 point
BH 2 points

Category K:  Health

OFA excellent 3 points
OFA good 2 points
OFA fair 1 point
Elbows passed 1 point
CERF passed 1 point
Heart passed 1 point
Spay/Neuter 1 point

Submit the Versatility Award application along with copies of certificate(s), title(s), or placement(s) (if applicable) to the Breed Certification Chair.