Feb 01 2018

Ways & Means

The American Beauceron Club has approximately 122 members as of February 1, 2018. The club needs the financial support of its members to fund Beauceron Rescue, Judges Education, Meet the Breeds, Health Research and the basic housekeeping items such as insurance. Please check each newletter for a spotlight on a funding need and ways you can help.

One way you can help is to generate new active and engaged membership in the club. Are you a breeder? Have you sold a puppy to a non-club member? You can suggest new puppy owners join the American Beauceron Club and sponsor their membership. New puppy owners are always very excited and a great time to get them involved with the club is while they still have the “warm fuzzies”.

Not a breeder? That’s OK! You can still encourage people to join.

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