Wilbur is a Courtesy Listing* Please contact lotsadogsrescue1@gmail.com  for more information.


Hi, I’m Wilbur the big puppy dog. I’m a ONE year old Beauceron. Sometimes people see me and think I’m sooo scary because of the way I look, but I’m such a happy and friendly guy. When Len, Nicole and Kyla (that’s my foster dad, my foster sister and my sister from another mother) picked me up, I just jumped into the van and licked Nicole right on the face. I love to lick (faces, toes, fingers, ears…you get the picture). Wilbur is located in Ontario, Canada. 


*What is a courtesy listing? Courtesy listings mean the dog does NOT belong to the American Beauceron Club Rescue, it means they are still with their owners or breeder, and not in danger. ABCR will put potential interested parties in contact with the dog’s guardian. We do not help sell dogs or puppies. A reasonable rehoming fee usually applies (often the cost of vaccinations and altering is considered a reasonable rehoming fee.) Because these dogs do not belong to the American Beauceron Club we often have limited information about them. Again, please contact us so we can connect you with the dog’s current owner/breeder/guardian.



    • Bev Wagner on May 5, 2018 at 10:30 am
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    I am interested in Wilbur and was just drawn to him. If he is still available, Please contact me. I have had experience with Briards, Bouviers, and lots of experience with German Shepherds. I am not showing or breeding but would like to do work with this breed. Mostly, he would be my best friend. I have Vet reference and many others. Thanks.

    • Jeremy Brown on March 5, 2018 at 2:36 pm
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    Please let me know if this young man needs a home. I just lost my best friend and I am ready for my next.

    1. Hi Jeremy!

      Thanks for your interest! If you are looking for a new friend, we encourage you to fill out the Application (Our Dogs / Rescue a Beauceron), which will send your information directly to our rescue coordinator!

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