Bella – Bella was surrendered by her owners who found themselves overwhelmed when they purchased a pair of littermates. She was adopted out to first time Beauce owners who adore her! I asked them recently how Bella was doing, here is what they said.

Bella Vita, formerly Hanji, rescued us in July 2015 after our black lab mix, Hamburgers, passed away from bone cancer. The ABC rescue and Bella’s foster family were very helpful in facilitating everything she needed to fly from South Carolina to Maine. Bella’s foster Dad told us that she was a Velcro dog that loves to kiss and he wasn’t exaggerating. Bella has been the perfect addition to our family and we couldn’t ask for a sweeter pooch. Although she doesn’t hold any certifications, her biggest accomplishment was learning how to climb/not be afraid of stairs. The first few weeks we had her she wouldn’t climb the stairs in our house so we brought the mattress from our spare bed down to the living room and took turns sleeping with her at night. She is such a blessing and we couldn’t possibly love her more. We are very thankful to the ABC rescue and her foster family. We hope to rescue another Beauceron from the club someday.

~Katina & Shawn




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