Rescue FAQ

Where do your Beaucerons come from?

Rescue Beauces come from all walks of life. Some are pulled from shelters, some are surrendered by their owners, and a few have even come in as strays.

Why do Beaucerons end up in rescue?

The most common reason dogs end up in ABCR is their owners simply find themselves overwhelmed. Beaucerons are high energy and very smart, which is great if you are an active owner, or enjoy dog sports. If you want a couch potato very few Beaucerons would be a good match. But there are many reasons a dog can end up in rescue.

I’m interested in a Beauceron, but not sure they are right for me…

No problem! Send us an email and let us know what area you live in. We’ll try to set you up with a meet and greet with a nearby Beauce owner, or let you know when a show in your area/state may have a few Beaucerons.

Do you ever have puppies?

It is very rare for a Beauceron pup to be in rescue. If you’re interested in a puppy, we recommend that you review the list of American Beauceron Club Code of Ethics breeders.

I am in New York, the dog I like is in Florida, will I still be able to adopt?

Yes! We adopt nationwide, and can set up transports to get your new pooch to you.

What if the adopted dog doesn’t work out?

We work very hard to set up our rescue dogs for success by matching them to homes where they will thrive, but if it turns out the dog isn’t right for your family, the dog must be returned to ABC Rescue, to be matched with a more appropriate home.

I don’t have a fenced in yard, will you still adopt to me?

We respect the fact that some people may have farms, or prefer to leash walk or jog with their dogs. We’re more concerned that you have an environment that is safe and supportive.

My current dogs are not altered, can I still adopt or foster?

Many people in the dog community do not alter their dogs for show, health, or personal reasons. Please understand that all dogs adopted from ABCR will be spayed or neutered prior to permanent placement.

Do you help Beauceron mixes?

Yes, on a case by case basis, provided the dog has obvious Beauceron characteristics or one parent can be proven to be a Beauce.

Are Beaucerons high maintence?

In terms of grooming, Beaucerons are low maintenance. They DO shed, and need to be brushed weekly. Their coat doe snot need to be trimmed, and should never be shaved. All of those toenails (even the dewclaws!) need to be trimmed at least monthly.

Beaucerons are very energetic and intelligent dogs with high drive. They need lots of physical and mental stimulation. In this regard, they are very high maintenance.

Do you require a certain diet for adopted or foster dogs?

We recommend a high quality grain free kibble;  we are also supportive of raw feeding. When you adopt a rescue, we will advise you if your dog has any dietary restrictions.

Do you have a list of trainers you recommend?

There are many different training styles and some dogs work better with one method than another. That makes it tough to recommend “a trainer.” If you need help finding good trainers in your area, don’t hesitate send an email with your location. We’ll be happy to let you know if we are aware of any trainers in your area that have experience with Beaucerons or other herding breeds.

I want to try to compete in dog sports, can my rescue Beauce be AKC registered?

Most of our rescue Beaucerons will be eligible for AKC’s PAL program, a registration specifically for dogs who are pets and are spayed and neutered. The PAL registration still allows them to compete in performance sports like agility, obedience, dock diving, etc.