French Show Ratings

Only the rating counts.  Whether the dog is placed second or fourth, if he/she has obtained the rating excellent, he/she is very close in quality to the dog placed first and is of far superior quality to the first dog rated Very Good.

Excellent: Must only be awarded to a dog that is extremely close to the standard of the breed, that is in perfect condition, thus presenting a harmonious and balanced image, a dog that has “class” and splendid presentation.  The overall superiority of his/her qualities will rule out minor faults. He/she will be representative of his/her sex. 

 Très Bon (Very Good): will be given to a typey dog, well proportioned, in good physical condition.  Some small faults -however not major conformational- will be tolerated.  This rating only applies to a dog of quality worthy of being used for breeding.

Bon (Good): must be given to a dog possessing the characteristics of the breed, but that shows some faults i.e. eyes too light, provided that they are not disqualifying i.e. lack of dewclaws.

Assez Bon (Average): Is awarded to a dog sufficiently typey i.e. that can be recognized as a Beauceron but that does not show any outstanding quality and is not in good physical condition i.e. poor coat condition.  

The CAC (Certificat d’Aptitude au Championnat – Certificate of Aptitude to the Championship) can only be awarded to the dog placed first among the Excellent group, but this award is not automatically granted.  It is possible that the dog placed first can only be given the Excellent and nothing more.  The CAC is only awarded to the exceptional animal worthy of becoming a champion.

The title of Champion de Conformité au Standard (Champion of Conformity to the Standard) is awarded to dogs that have obtained all of the following distinctions:

  • The rating of 4 (see Beauceron Ratings in France)
  • The CACS (Certificat d’Aptitude de Conformité au Standard-Certificate of Aptitude of Conformity to the Standard) awarded at the National Specialty Show (Nationale d’élevage) or the Championship Show (championnat de France).
  • A CACS in an International Show where the CACIB (Certificat d’Aptitude au Championnat International de Beauté- Certificate of Aptitude to the Championship of International Beauty) is awarded.
  • A CACS in a National Show

The three CACS must have been earned under three different judges.

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