Pedigree Terms and Abbreviations

Elite A: The dog is rated 4 (Recommandé) and is rated for the quality of its progeny.

Elite B: The dog is not rated 4, but is rated on the quality of its progeny.

Recommandé or REC., COT. 4: The dog has earned a Cotation 4 at the Nationale d’Elevage, this entails earning an Exc. Plus in conformation, Exc. in temperament, and dys. A, dysplasia free rating).

Excellent: The dog has earned a Cotation 3 (Exc. in conformation, Exc. in temperament, and is rated dys. A).

CH T: Dog is a champion working dog.

CH B or CH.CS: (Champion conformité au standard). The dog is a breed Champion.

To be a Champion, the dog must earn a minimum of:

  • 2 CAC-IB
  • 1 CAC
  • These must occur under three different judges
  • One of the CAC has to have been won at either The Nationale d’Elevage (National Specialty Show) or The Paris Championship Show

IB: International Beauty.

Brevet, BR: Brevet de défense (French Ring level that allows the dog to continue to Ring I level).

RI, Ring I:    Dog is a Ring I.

RII, Ring II:  Dog is a Ring II.

RIII, Ring III: Dog is a Ring III.

RCI: Dog works in an event that includes Ring and Tracking.

PIS (Pistage): Titled Tracking dog.

BREV-MOUTONS (Brevet Moutons): Herding dog titled on sheep.

DYS A, DYS G: The dog is dysplasia free.


This Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations Used in Pedigrees  is
(c) 2005 C. Batson, Kennel du Berger Noir, and is used with permission.

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