Meet Baldrick

! This 2 year old boy is new to ABCR and man, has he had a rough couple of months.

Baldrick was purchased from a BYBer at 8 weeks of age. His owner loved him very much, but her mental health issues kept her from properly socializing him. A family member stepped in and took Baldrick.

He did well in her home with her children and other pets, except for her small Jack Russell dog. Baldrick and the Jack Russell got into several scuffles, so the poor guy had to once again find a new home. Fortunately, they contacted ABCR and we got Baldrick into a loving foster home. So far he doing well!

He is housebroken, walks nicely on a leash and has basic manners. He is getting along well with the foster family’s other dog, a Beauce mix, and ignores her livestock. He is small dog aggressive and will chase cats, so NO SMALL PETS for this fella! His foster says he LOVES to play ball and is very snuggly.


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