Pet Quality vs Show Quality

Prices for puppies will vary based on many factors,  including:

  • “Show” or “pet” quality
  • Whether the ears have been cropped
  • What titles the sire and dam have achieved
  • What their previous puppies have accomplished.

The only difference between pet and show quality is the presence of an undesirable fault that would prevent the dog from  becoming a successful show dog (Such traits also mean that a responsible breeder will generally not breed the dog).

If you are not interested in showing or breeding your dog, a pet quality puppy is usually less expensive but is still every bit a Beauceron. Unfortunately, there will always people who try to capitalize on a situation where the demand for pups exceeds the quality of pups being produced, so be careful. A higher price tag is not always a sign of quality, just as a lower price is not always a “good deal”.

If you are seeking a show quality puppy, know the breed disqualifications and don’t buy a puppy that has one. Also keep in mind the disqualifications that apply to all breeds, such as not having two descended testicles in a male.

Examine the parents for a disqualifying fault. If there is one, the puppy may not have the fault but can be carrying the gene for it. If you plan to breed your puppy some day, this would not be a good choice for your future breeding stock since the fault(s) can show up again in future generations


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