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2017 National Specialty Results

American Beauceron Club  National Specialty
Saturday, September 16, 2017
Cape Cod Fairgrounds
1220 Nathan S. Ellis Hwy
Falmouth, MA

Breed Winner

Judge: Mrs. S A Redmer

Best of Breed

Best of Opposite Sex

CH Jaguar Noir Des Monts Du Lac (B)
J Boudreault
BOB (5 pts)

GCH CH Lazarus Des Siskiyous (D)
E Thompson
OS (5 pts)

Select Dog

Select Bitch

GCH CH Marco Du Chateau Rocher CA
K Davis
SEL (5 pts)

GCHB CH Maitrise Du Chateau Rocher CGCA
K Muller
SEL (5 pts)

Winners Dog

Best of Winners

Spike Du Mont Granit
C Beaumont/D Jacques

L' Mystere Noir Du Chateau Rocher CGC TKA
R Gowen/R Gowen

Reserve Winners Dog

Reserve Winners Bitch

Tyson Du Mont Granit

Mercedes Monte Carlo Adventure Jdv
D Guinard/A Robertson




Puppy 6 - 9 Mos

1 Noble Nuri Du Chateau Rocher
A Cunningham

1 Northern Star Of Blue Kisses
Gardien Des Chutes CGCA
S Walls

Puppy 9 - 12 Mos.

1 Matcho D Irko Des Monts Du Lac
K Davis

1 Mercedes Monte Carlo Adventure Jdv
D Guinard/A Robertson RW

2 Adventure's Grand Teton Journey
J Gassen

2 My Main Squeeze
Du Chateau Rocher CGCA TKA
J Bradley

3 Normandy Adventure JDV CGC
A Schaffer/A Robertson

12-18 Mos.

1 Maya Du Coeur De Soleil
M McLatchy/E Giannelli

All Other Categories



Bred By Exhibitor

American Bred

1 Mighty Sherman Du Coeur De Soleil
E Giannelli

1 M'Arya Le Boulanger
J Hicks

Amateur Owner Handler

1 Magicien Du Coeur De Soleil
G Bedrosian/E Giannelli

1 Musette Le Boulanger CGC
M Nolan/D Baker

2 Maynard Du Coeur De Soleil CA CGC
M Pruitt-Bruun/E Giannelli/T Hardin

2 Miss Sunshine Du Coeur De Soleil
M Kelley/E Giannelli

3 Medicine Man Du Coeur De Soleil
L Winslow/T Winslow/E Giannelli

3 Misha The Menace Du Chateau Rocher CGCA TKI
S Norman


1 Spike Du Mont Granit W
C Beaumont/D Jacques

1 L' Mystere Noir Du Chateau Rocher CGC TKA BW, W
R Gowen/R Gowen

2 Tyson Du Mont Granit RW

3 Lutin Des Monts Du Lac
M Karhatsu

4 Ame Magnanime Henri Cordier
M Sanders/A Robertson

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