Westminster Meet the Breeds 2018

Westminster Meet the Breeds was an amazing success this year. Thanks to the efforts of our club members, the joy of the Beauceron was shared to the hundreds (if not more) in attendance.

“It was loud and busy: so many strangers enjoying the multitude of dogs to pet. I was proud to represent the breed with Nyko and could not have been happier with the ambassadors we had present. The double dews were a true hit!” said Robyn, a first time breed ambassador.

Sara, a veteran of this event, said, “I love doing the meet the breeds in NYC. I get to spend the day with other owners who love the breed as much as I do. I enjoy getting to spend the day talking and educating people. It is long and exhausting but worth every second.”

Meet the Breeds is a labor of love and a true opportunity to educate the general public about our wonderful breed. We look forward to reaching more people at these types of events throughout 2018 and have a collection of videos below to share just a small piece of this event with everyone.