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The French Temperament Test

In France, the beaucerons are judged based on 2 separate exams. Morphology (conformation) and temperament. They must compete in both portions in order to move on to the overall show, and to receive cotation ratings through the French Beauceron Club. Each Beauceron must first receive an excellent temperament test rating before it can receive a …

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The Beauceron Temperament

“He is alert and energetic with a noble carriage. A formidable dog with a frank and unwavering expression, he always demands respect wherever he goes.” “The Beauceron should be discerning and confident. He is a dog with spirit and initiative, wise and fearless with no trace of timidity. Intelligent, easily trained, faithful, gentle and obedient. …

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Anatomical Terminology

Evaluating White on the Beauceron Chest

  “How should I judge the white spot? Is it the area created by fur or should I judge skin pigmentation?” I have been approached by several judges lately, who have voiced concerns about how they should evaluate white on the breed’s forechest. There has also been some social media discussion on the subject. First, …

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Emphasis – from a Judge’s Perspective

By Alain Thevenon, Multiple French National Specialty CAB judge The standard describes the distinctive features specific to the Beauceron. But one must be able to comprehend the “whole” dog because each individual trait put together does not constitute general breed type. The Beauceron is a rustic breed, “in the raw” as you would say. He …

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Beauceron Breed Study

An illustration and Explanation of the Standard  

Breed Standard (France)

This information is provided by “Les Amis du Beauceron.” the French breed club.  It can be found on their web site in both French and English. The Berger de Beauce, also called Beauceron or “Bas Rouge” (red stocking) is a dog of harmonious proportions, strong, with short coat. Height is about, 65 to 70 cm …

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Breed Standard (U. S.)

General Appearance The Beauceron is an old and distinct French breed of herding dog, developed solely in France with no foreign crosses. Dogs were bred and selected for their aptitude to herd and guard large flocks of sheep as well as for their structure and endurance. Beaucerons were used to move herds of 200 to …

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