Statement re: Region 4 Director Eligibility

Below is a statement from Kayla Phillips, Region 4 Director, in response to various Facebook posts and email inquiries regarding her recent purchase of a business in a region other than her home state.

Additionally, please know that the ABC BOD did review the clubs Bylaws regarding this matter and has also consulted with the parliamentarian we have on retainer.

While the Bylaws state a region director must reside in the region they are representing, the Bylaws do not cover the situation wherein a member has or acquires property in more than one region, how to determine the state of residency. Therefore, we must rely on certain “norms,” such as state of drivers’ license issuance, voting, and taxes to determine residency. Kayla’s statement below covers those.

I am writing to address the questions that the membership has raised about my recent purchase of another business, this time in New Jersey, as some members are concerned about which region will be my primary residence.
My primary and legal residence is, and will continue to be, in Oregon, with the majority (six+ months of the year) of my time spent in Oregon. My drivers license will remain an Oregon license, and I will continue to pay taxes as an Oregon resident.

This business is a “turn-key” operation that does not require my daily operational involvement, nor will the excellent staff that I have at this business require my full-time presence. If my family and business plans change such that I find that I will be in New Jersey more than six months of the year, then I will resign the position as the Region 4 Director. But at this time, that is not the situation, nor is it my plan.

I apologize for my Facebook post causing people to think that I am leaving Oregon. The kennel and house in New Jersey are wonderful and a great business opportunity, but my heart, home, and legal residence is in Oregon.

We hope that this adequately addresses the questions some have.

Kind regards,

2022 ABC Board Announcement

Good Morning, and Happy New Year, Everyone!

Please allow me to introduce the newly elected members of the 2022 Board of Directors.

Karen Muller (CT) – President
Ashley Carpenter (MD) – Region 1 Director
Yvette Zhao (MO) – Region 3 Director
Gail Sherwood (NH) – Secretary, resigned December 19th; new secretary to be in place by January 19th, 2022.

Our 2022 board members are below.

Karen Muller (CT) – President
Eric Vavassori (MD) – Vice President
Ashley De Noma (TX) – Treasurer
Gail Sherwood (NH) – Secretary, resigned December 19th; new secretary to be in place by January 19th.
Ashley Carpenter (MD) – Region 1 Director
Regina Fasold (FL) – Region 2 Director
Yvette Zhao (MO) – Region 3 Director
Kayla Phillips (OR) – Region 4 Director

Many thanks to outgoing BOD members Courtney Goddard and Irina Sasu-Pernoll. Your patience, knowledge, and guidance were so vital to our continuity and work. To our outgoing President, Adrienne Scott, there simply aren’t enough words for the kindness, wisdom, and dedication you brought to the board and club this year.

Best wishes to All, as we begin the 2022 part of our journey.

Annoucement-Secretary Resignation

Hello; I am writing to notify the membership that I am resigning from the position of secretary. I will continue to perform the primary duties of this role until a replacement has been voted upon, and I will make myself available to help onboard the new secretary.

Many thanks to those of you who have been kind and welcoming to me. I have enjoyed getting to know you.


Gail Sherwood

Member Records Notice

Dear Club Members,

In an effort to continue the forward course of our club, the BOD is releasing this letter to all members, based on the advisement of the club’s attorney, Dennis Boman. This is an important and detailed letter whose compilation was brought about through recent correspondences by club member(s). The board chose to embrace the gravity of these correspondences from members, to engage the service of our attorney to spell out these matters so that the club, its members, and BOD can move forward – not just in 2021 but in 2022 and for years to come. Thank you.


Participants Needed for Judges Ed on 12/15/21

Attention all Beauceron enthusiasts attending the Orlando shows 12/13/21-12/19/21!

On Wednesday, 12/15/21, the ABC Judges Education Committee has reserved the multimedia crew for videos and photos of individual Beaucerons for the AKC CANINE COLLEGE with Judge Michael Canalizo performing the examination portion.

If you are available on Wednesday, please, use the following link to book a time slot to have your Beauceron(s) filmed/photographed for this very important judges’ education and breeder tool. This filming is for the online AKC CANINE COLLEGE Breed Course which is an in depth education of the breed.

Let’s make this happen for the future of our breed and for the education of AKC judges and breeders who are involved the future course of our breed. Filming includes: gait, judge exam, photos of head and outline. We need all ages, genders, colors and cropped/natural ears. If you ever wanted to contribute and make a difference for our breed, this is the opportunity.

Book your time slot at: Each video and photo session takes about 30 minutes. Room N320. For more info about the CANINE COLLEGE and their mission go to:

FYI: Wednesday’s ring time is 8:00 am after 13. ~ Adrienne Scott 816-632-6094 text or call.

IMG 1732

Wags & Brags

Birdwing Dogs Complete GSDCA Temperament Test!

GCH CH Birdwing Nietzsche RI PT FDC CA BCAT CGCA CGCU TKN ATT TC, CH Birdwing Odin War Lord At Defisja RN TC, CH Birdwing Red White And Boom RN CGCA CGCU TC 

Nietzsche, Odie and Ricky Bobby traveled to Crossville, Tennessee on October 23, 2021 to participate in a GSDCA Temperament Test. All 3 dogs passed with excellent remarks from the judge and spectators alike, adding the TC title to their names.