So You Think You Want A Beauceron

The Beauceron is a wonderful and versatile breed. Before deciding whether the Beauceron is  the right breed for you, take the time to meet some dogs and speak to their owners. One way to learn about the breed is to join the American Beauceron Club (AKC parent club), which provides members the opportunity to meet and discuss the breed with fellow Beauceron owners and fanciers from across the country.

The ABC holds a yearly Journee du Beauceron (“Day of The Beauceron”). This French style dog show, exclusively for Beaucerons, is held at various locations each year. At the Journee, Beaucerons are rated and critiqued on their structure and temperament by expert French judges. Attending a Journee will give you the opportunity to meet many Beaucerons and  help you decide if this is the right breed for you.

If you cannot attend the Journee, learn about the breed by talking with as many breeders and owners as you can. Be sure to meet Beaucerons of various ages to get an overall sense of the breed as well as the energy levels of both young and mature Beaucerons.

Although they are obedient and relatively easy to train, the Beauceron requires an experienced, dedicated and active owner. They can  be overwhelming for a novice owner.. Beaucerons have strong personalities and a need for both physical exercise and mental stimulation. Under-stimulated dogs can become destructive as well as difficult to handle, and may exercise their frustrations on you or your home. The decision to add a Beauceron to your household should be well thought out and agreed to by every family member.


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