2021 ABC Herding Clinic

The weekend of August 14 and 15, 2021, after a year delay due to COVID, ABC member Syndi Keats (through the Working and Sport Committee, American Beauceron Club with Lauren Trathen, event co-chair) put on a very successful herding clinic at Bitterbrush Kennel and Livestock in Gardnerville, Nevada.

2021 Herding Clinic Attendees (l-r): Brianna Bodwell holding Hogan, Christine Emery and Paris, Sarah Price holding Nyko, Lisa Edwards, Syndi Keats and Mesa, Kelly Keats-Woodward holding Seven, Kelly Davis and Oneiric, Jalien Watson and Ramble, Julie Borgwat (husband) and Riser, Marissa Szczepanowski holding Reaver, Caitlin Bailey and Rowan, Lauren Trathen and Oiseau, Catherine Saenz and Farosh, Ashley De Noma and Laveau and Atlas, Robyn Salley and Sovi, Tina Bastion and Oni, Patricia Ballard and Augie.

Bitterbrush owner, Lisa Edwards trains Beaucerons Mesa (Syndi Keats), and Hogan and Paris (Christine Emery) and is familiar with the breed, and also hosted a small group of Beaucerons in 2020 when the formal clinic had to be cancelled. This year, 16 people and 13 dogs worked for two days on goats, sheep, and cattle, many of them for the first time.

A huge round of applause goes to Syndi Keats for organizing such a valuable and fun learning experience for Beauceron and their owners. Syndi and Mesa also stockdogged for several sessions and it was a pleasure to watch her and Mesa work together. Lisa Edwards was exceedingly kind, patient, and provided excellent instruction and explanations.

Syndi’s Mesa moving sheep with Lisa

Bitterbrush students Christine, Dianne Farias, Sylvie Arnett, and Trina DeLorey went above and beyond to make sure that everyone was comfortable, fed, and stock were moved around as needed. Daniel Suda provided photographs, for which the Archives & History Committee is very grateful, and we are sure the participants are as well.

Trina’s Corgi, Jefferson, moving goats.
Dianne’s Ellie Mae cooling off after setting cattle

2021 Herding Clinic Attendees:

Robyn Salley, Texas

Nocturne of the Ruined King des Monts du Lac, “Nyko”

Dissonance Valley of Kings, “Reaver”

Patricia Ballard, New Mexico

Armored Rose D’Audie Murphy, “Audie”

Kelly Davis, California

Osez Moi S’il Vous Plait du La Cour des Reves, “Oneiric”

Ashley De Noma, Texas

Meiga de Sunbeltz Beaucerons, “Laveau”

Catherine Saenz, Texas

Rougarou Noir du Vaillant Feu, “Farosh”

Caitlin Bailey, Florida

Rescue Me Rowan du Vaillant Feu, “Rowan”

Trina Bastion, Oregon

Onassis Gardiens des Chutes, “Oni”

Lauren Trathen, California

Oiseau Jamais du Vaillant Feu, “Oiseau”

Jalien Watson, California

R’Silver Anniversary du Chateau Rocher, “Ramble”

June Borgwat, California

Riser du Joie de Vie, “Riser”