Isabeau is a beautiful French import girl who just arrived at her new foster home on June 10th. More info on her as we get to know her! But in the meantime her foster mom says “Picked up Isa on Sunday the 10th. She is slowly adjusting to life here. She has never been in a house before so that is new for her. Still finding out what her quirks are but so far none to bad. She gets along fine with my male beauce but still not sure about the female kelpie. Does have a great interest in the feral cats here and will need work on that.
She loves water and a little swimming at the pond, but not from a water hose, comes when called and knows a little obedience.
She has a body shape more like a rottie heavy boned, but has to lose a lot of weight. Her height might be around 24.5″ Can not even feel her ribs. So she gets a lot of exercise with Ouran running with us and the atv. She does not bother the cows or the horses which is good.” She is the black and tan pictured laying down. Being Fostered in CA.


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  1. Hi! My boyfriend and I are looking to add a Beauceron to our family, and want to know more about Isa. We have Beauc experience, as do our current pets, a dog and cat. We’d like to know how old she is and any updated info on her health and behavior. Thank you, can’t wait to hear back!

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