New Rescue – Baby Six!

Welcome to the program little baby Six! 

Meet Six!

Six was abandoned (left tied to a stop sign) and we can’t figure out why. She is happy, adores other dogs, has done well with children and is just a sweet baby. 

We believe Six to be a Beauceron mix, and are guessing that she is about 5 months old. 

She does all the naughty puppy things, pulling, chewing, jumping, etc. Her current foster is a trainer, so she will work with her on manners while she has her, however her new family MUST be committed to training a puppy. 
Six is NOT ready for adoption yet. We need more time to evaluate her and bring her medical needs up to date. 

We will keep everyone posted when she is ready for adoption.  

Six (next to the lighter German Shepherd) and her doggy friends!

Located in North Carolina.

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American Beauceron Club’s Rescue Raffle

It’s time for the annual Rescue Raffle!

We have taken in a record number of dogs this year, and it’s only August. We need our Beauceron family’s support more then ever.

Donations will be accepted now through Sept 25th, 2021.
Popular items are gift cards, themed baskets, dog supplies, etc.

Please let us know if you would like to donate!

Meet Shallot

Name: Shallot

Age: 1 year

Gender: female

Location: Northern CA

Cats: Unknown 

Dogs: Lived with dogs previously and gets along GREAT with foster home’s current Beaucerons

Kids: Yes, according to previous owner. 

Livestock: unknown

Housebroken: No accidents at foster home so far, but foster family is diligent about reading her signals. 

Crate trained: No

Training: Very little 

MEDICAL NOTE: Shallot’s previous owner thought she was deaf or partially deaf. She does seem to respond to noise stimulus, but we are going to have her hearing tested. Dogs who are untrained often seem to have selective hearing 🙂 We will keep everyone posted on her test results. 

Reason for surrender: Previous owner realized that Beaucerons are just to much dog for them. Too high energy. Shallot was surrendered to another rescue program who reached out to us here at Beauce rescue to see if we could help. We were more than happy to take Shallot under our wing!

What does Shallot’s foster have to say? Shallot is going to make a great pet for someone! I was with her at her vet visit when she was vaccinated and she was a good girl. I have bathed her and she didn’t give me any problems. She is spunky and fun but needs training. 

Who will be Shallot’s ideal new family? Shallot will be a great family dog with someone who is comfortable with high energy, intelligent dogs. She is eager to please and is very food motivated, but has little training. While in foster care her mom will work with her, but she will need a family to continue her training!

If you are interested in Shallot please contact us!Adoption applications are available on

PLEASE NOTE: Shallot is NOT ready to go to her new home yet! She still needs to be spayed and we are going to have her hearing tested.

sprinkles girl puppy

Sponsor a Snack Pack!

salsa male puppy

Name: Salsa

Gender: Male

Age: Puppy

Character: sweet, curious about everything!


skittle girl puppy

Name: Skittle

Gender: Female

Age: Puppy

Character: bold and busy!


smolsmackerel girl puppy

Name: Smol Smackerel

Gender: Female

Age: Puppy

Character: the peanut of the litter, quiet little wallflower


smore male puppy

Name: Smore

Gender: Male

Age: Puppy

Character: easygoing and neutral!


snickerdoodle male puppy

Name: Snickerdoodle

Gender: Male

Age: Puppy

Character: busybody with a tail that never stops wagging!


sprinkles girl puppy

Name: Sprinkles

Gender: Female

Age: Puppy

Character: the confidant sassy one in the bunch!


stringcheese male puppy

Name: String Cheese

Gender: Male

Age: Puppy

Character: good puppy, a little of unsure of himself but super sweet


Interested in sponsoring a Snack? The American Beauceron Club Rescue program covers vaccinations, spay/neutering, microchipping, and any other medical needs the SnackPack may need while in our care. Our $300 adoption fee won’t cover these expenses. If any group, individuals or kennels would be willing to match our adoption fee with a $300 donation that would just about cover the veterinary expenses for the puppies. Please send us a message if you would like to sponsor a puppy!

Donations in any amount can be donated via paypal at…

This will help us make sure anything else the babies need is all set. We know we have a couple who will need umbilical hernias repaired.