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Event results and reports. (This category is used for information posted AFTER events. Advance info should be included in the event's calendar entry, not in a separate post.)

Journee 2007

Journee 2006

Journee 2005

It should be noted that the Test de Caractère (Temperament Test) is an optional portion of the Journée

The Journée Temperament Test

(A Brief Overview) By Claudia Batson The test consists of several steps, each designed to evaluate a specific aspect of the dog’s temperament. Entry into the testing area: The ring secretary greets the exhibitor, verifies the identity of the dog and checks his tattoo. The dog’s collar is removed and replaced by a new one, …

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French Dog Ratings

Some of our members subscribe to the Bas Rouge and as they read the show results. They may wonder about the numbers sometimes added to the dogs’ names.  These numbers are ratings, on a scale of 1 to 6, with 6 being the highest rating a dog can earn. 0: Dog is registered on L.O.F. …

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French Show Ratings

Only the rating counts.  Whether the dog is placed second or fourth, if he/she has obtained the rating excellent, he/she is very close in quality to the dog placed first and is of far superior quality to the first dog rated Very Good. Excellent: Must only be awarded to a dog that is extremely close …

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Pedigree Terms and Abbreviations

Elite A: The dog is rated 4 (Recommandé) and is rated for the quality of its progeny. Elite B: The dog is not rated 4, but is rated on the quality of its progeny. Recommandé or REC., COT. 4: The dog has earned a Cotation 4 at the Nationale d’Elevage, this entails earning an Exc. …

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Journee 2002

  It should be noted that the Test de Caractère is an optional portion of the Journée and not all dogs particpated.  Also, some dogs had already been Temperament Tested at previous Journées.  Dogs must receive an Excellent for each portion in order to receive an Excellent overall.  Some dogs may have higher scores but …

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