Beaucerons du Chateau Rocher

At Beaucerons du Chateau Rocher, the Beauceron is a passion, not a business nor a livelihood. In our breeding program, we strive to maintain the true Beauceron temperament and working ability: a stable, trainable dog that is a pleasure to live with; a family companion and guardian without being a liability.

Our breeding stock comes from top French and Belgian working and show lines which are carefully combined to produce Beaucerons that are not only beautiful to look at, but have the ability to perform the tasks they were originally bred for. So many breeds end up split into “show dogs” that are nice to look at but have lost their working ability, and “working dogs” that have working ability but bear little resemblance to their breed Standards. At Beaucerons du Chateau Rocher we are determined not to let that happen!

Our puppies are handled daily from birth and are exposed to a variety of experiences and sounds as they grow. They are socialized with people and animals. They are individually identified so the progress and personality of each pup can be monitored. The utmost of care is taken to match the puppy with its new family.

Karla Davis
Beaucerons du Chateau Rocher
22470 Ave 340
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