Nightwalk Beaucerons

Nightwalk Beaucerons aims to breed dogs that retain their herding instinct, but are a pleasure to live with. We have owned Beaucerons for more then half ours lives, over 15 years. We have competed with our dogs in conformation, nosework, herding, dog drafting, agility, and coursing.

Kara and Cam Staroski
Durham, CT

ABC Member since 2007
Beauceron Breeder since 2020

Beaucerons du Vaillant Feu

Vaillant Feu is a small up and coming breeder located in San Diego County, California. Our passion for the breed is represented in the dogs we choose to breed and the work we dedicate them to. At Vaillant Feu, conformation to the standard with an aesthetically pleasing functional form, stability in all environments and the necessary drives to compete are what we put first. The Beauceron is an ancient French symbol of partnership and dedication to the job. We hope to produce for our fellow breed enthusiasts a dog you can do anything with, a versatile beauceron with exceptional temperament.

Lauren Trathen
Beaucerons du Vaillant Feu
San Diego, CA


Ame De Feu


I breed for Conformation. In addition, I offer boarding and grooming services. I got involved in the breed because I was looking for a larger, versatile dog that could handle service work and be up for anything. I found that and more.

Josi Brabham
Redmond, WA

ABC Member Since 2020
Beauceron Breeder Since 2014
Breeder Since 2009

River Rim Beaucerons


I breed for type, temperament and health with none being more important than the other. I guarantee my dogs for a lifetime for all genetic or temperament problems or lifestyle changes. I strive for my dogs to be an asset to the breed never to burden the Beauceron breed and community with my dogs but, support and build our community.

I first interacted with a Beauceron when I was working my family kennel. 2 came in for boarding and I fell in love. By the time I was 12 years old, I had started discussing pedigrees.

Sidney Wilcox 

ABC Member Since 2016 
Beauceron Breeder Since 2018 
Breeder Since 2007 

Prairie Crest Beaucerons

Prairie Crest Beaucerons

Prairie Crest Beaucerons

The home of Prairie Crest Beaucerons lies in the rolling hills of northwest Missouri. A lifelong dream is realized in this small hobby kennel devoted to preserving the centuries old breed of the Beauceron.

I participate in AKC’s Breeder of Merit program and Breeder with a Heart. I am a member of the American Beauceron Club and have served two terms as a Regional Director plus as a Committee Chair.

My love of dogs began very early in my childhood. I started with my first show Shetland Sheepdog in 1983. I enjoy the aspects of the conformation world; the training, the conditioning and time in the ring. My favorite part of showing and breeding is puppyhood. My litters are few and selective to produce the best individual possible. Because of my passion for the Beauceron, I have been fortunate to travel throughout France multiple times. I competed in the 2012 French National Elevage with GCH Dominicia Mes Yeux Vigilants. I have traveled to use stud dogs and to bring home individuals to strengthen Prairie Crest. I have been lucky to have had many mentors and generous friends who have guided me to my dream of Prairie Crest Beaucerons.

I honor each puppy and individual who may come to and through Prairie Crest Beaucerons. Each puppy is sold with a contract which I take very seriously to protect my Prairie Crest Beaucerons. Your new family member might be waiting for you here at Prairie Crest. Through my application process, I hope to match you with the best individual possible.

I understand that to bring a Beauceron individual into your home and life is a big step. This breed connects with its people on a different level than most breeds. Admittedly so, their adolescence can be full of pranks and mischief if not given structure. But, the well-rounded adult brings such joy and companionship that it is worth it ALL in the end.

I have imported top French lines and am fortunate to have individuals from the top US Beauceron breeders to keep improving temperaments, structure and health.

I understand the emotional, time and financial investment.

Please look around and feel free to contact me with any questions. I will be happy to explain my puppy foundation techniques and protocols. Yours, Adrienne

Adrienne Scott
Dekalb, Missouri
Breeder since 1984
Beauceron Breeder since 2008
ABC Member since 2009

birdwing kennel

Birdwing Kennel

birdwing kennel

I breed for conformation, health, workability and outgoing friendly temperaments. In addition, I provide pet obedience training and stud service. I met my first Beauceron in 1998 and when my final German Shepherd died, bought my first Beauceron.

Susan Griffin
PO Box 333
Floyds Knobs, IN 47119
Breeder since 1992
Beauceron Breeder since 2015
ABC Member since 2015

Des Monts Du Lac

Beaucerons des Monts du Lac

Des Monts Du Lac

Since 1997 I have bred over 45 litters of beaucerons under “des Monts du Lac” affix. My dogs have won the highest awards for Beaucerons both in the United states of America and Europe. One of these Beaucerons has made history in the USA by being the first Beauceron to ever win an AKC all-breed Best in Show. The same dog also placed 3rd best herding dog at the Westminster Kennel Club Show in New York City in 2012. Today still no other Beauceron has placed in the group at that show. Throughout the years, I have also bred 2 National Specialty winner, 3 World Champions, 3 French Champions , 3 Vice French Champions and many other International and American Champions.

As a young person, I was a military officer and canine handler in the French army. So over the years, in addition to breeding beautiful sound dogs (mind and body) I have also developed a passion for search & rescue and the working ability of the breed. I am currently a FCI licensed temperament judge for herding dogs. Over 15 years I worked as a dog instructor in several dog clubs. I am currently captain of the French team for the World Search and Rescue Championship. I was even a board officer on the French National breed club called “Club des Amis du Beauceron”, specifically the General secretary for 4 years and participated on the working dog committee for 8 years.

Eric Vavassori
Queen Anne, MD
Breeder since 1996
ABC Member since 2014

ARC Beaucerons

ARC Beaucerons

I have a small kennel which consist of dogs from France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Croatia and Spain. I’m very lucky to have extensive European connections which allow me constantly improve my breeding program based upon their mentorships.

I fell in love with this breed after doing an extensive internet search while looking for a dog that is protective, energetic, smart, loyal, and passionate but can still be a wonderful family companion. I enjoy that I can train this breed in protection, obedience, tracking and still have a dog that can cuddle with me at the end of the day. While I enjoy Dobermans, Rottweilers and German Shepherds – I feel the Beauceron offers all the best traits of each of those breeds.

My breeding program was established to promote and improve the Beauceron with every litter I produce. With that in mind, I chose dogs from many different and elite kennels in Europe. It was important to me to find dogs that will complement each other and allow me to produce a bloodline that isn’t yet established within the USA. ARC Beaucerons prides our breeding program in maintaining the pureness and original integrity of this amazing breed.

Jacqueline Adams
5690 Sarah Ave.
Sarasota, FL 34233

ABC Member Since: 2013

Le Boulanger Beaucerons

Our mission is to produce healthy, well-rounded Beaucerons, that can go from being the beloved pet, to the show ring and have the ability and desire to compete in a variety of other venues. A sound mind and physically correct structure can juggle the demands of this active breed. We focus a tremendous amount of time on socializing puppies and offer constant support to all of the families they go to, in order to help them develop into confident, well-mannered companions. We are very selective of the homes our puppies go to and want to make sure they are prepared to handle the challenges of the breed.

Debbie Baker
121 Fairfax Dr.
Stephens City, VA 22655
714-733-3803 (cell)


ABC Member Since: 2005