For Adoption, Asher!

Meet Asher! Asher was discovered in an overcrowded shelter in Indiana. With the cooperation of the shelter ABCR was able to pull this sweet boy and get him into a foster home!

So what do we know about Asher? He is good with most other dogs, we have found he can be a pushy, rude, teenager, so he needs to be with dogs who are understanding, or a human who feels comfortable reminding Asher of what his place in the world is.

He is good with cats and seems to be ok with livestock as well.

He is good with children, but mouthy, so we are recommending older children, 10+

He takes treats gently and shows no signs of resource or food guarding.

He is a little guy, at only about 65 lbs (could be around 70 with a little more weight) and we are guesstimating him to be LESS then a year.

So, now that you know the good stuff about Asher, lets highlight on some areas where he needs improvement. We don’t think he ever lived in a house, his foster is working with him on housebreaking and crate training. On a happy note, he is taking to house training very well.

He has a negative association with being grabbed by his collar, we don’t know if he was corrected harshly, or if someone would grab his collar then scold him, but he pulls away and seems fearful. No aggression.

He is slow to warm up to strangers, again, no aggression, we just don’t think he was socialized very well, if at all.

So lucky for Asher his foster is a trainer. He has been working with Asher daily in manners, socialization, and basic training.

Asher is being foster in Michigan.


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    1. Hi Pamela, your application was received on July 24th. As we responded earlier it can take several weeks for us to match a dog to their perfect family. We never do first come, first serve style adoptions. Thank you for your patience.

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