Name: Mattie
Age: 8 years
Gender: spayed female
Kids?: Yes, lived with grandchildren and was excellent with them
Other dogs?: Lived with other dogs, needs proper introductions to strange dogs. Can be dog selective
Cats?: No
Livestock?: Unknown
Location: Texas

How did this dog end up with ABCR?

Mattie’s owner passed away, so this poor girl found herself homeless.

Who will be a good family for this dog?

Mattie is a sweet, easygoing girl who will thrive in a quiet home. As far as Beaucerons go she is low energy, so she might be an excellent fit for a first time owner to enjoy the breed. She does need thyroid medication.

What does this dog’s foster home say?

Mattie is very sweet and seems to be adjusting well. She did great at the vet today and was quiet and polite for her nail trim. So far she is mellow, enjoyed a couple walks and she was very polite on the leash. She is slow to warm up to strangers, but


she is very snuggly with me, like a giant lap dog!


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