Name: Chanti
Age: 5 years
Gender: female, spayed
Kids: Good with Children
Other dogs? Good with other dogs. She will guard her food from other dogs (NOT PEOPLE)
Cats?: Good with kitties
Livestock?: Good with livestock, was raised on a ranch
Location: CA

How did this dog end up with ABCR?

Chanti had a rough start in her life. She and her littermate were sold to a ranch, and on Chanti’s very first heat cycle she was bred to her brother (we assume accidentally) She was rehomed from that situation, where she was then surrendered to ABCR when her owner found herself going through some major live changes.

Who will be a good family for this dog?
Chanti will make a great family dog! She is not as active as some Beaucerons, but would still make a great jogging/hiking partner. She is housebroken and has great manners.

What does this dog’s foster home say?

She does need to be fed separately from the pack, she will guard food. But doesn’t guard toys. She has no problems with humans taking toys, treats, or food, just other dogs. Other then that Chanti is a GREAT dog. She is sweet and goofy, always wants to be with you.




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  1. Is this rescue still in need? I lost my German Shepherd on Christmas Eve – he was 14 years old and just not able to go on. I really miss having a companion dog.

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