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First Beauceron Dual Champion!

I hope I speak for the American Beauceron Club, and the breed, when I say thank you and congratulations to Cindy and Loki for representing the Beauceron breed so beautifully in the sport for which they are bred. He and his owners, breeder, and trainer/handler deserve a standing ovation!

Cindy Burgess

A piece of Beauceron history has been earned! On November 7 and 8, 2020, GCh Loki du Chateau Rocher BN, HXAds, HSAsM, HSDs, NA, CGCA, CGCU earned his final points needed to make him the FIRST DC HC Beauceron in U.S. history (pending AKC approval). Loki earned those final points with a bang with scores of 94 and 93, and HIT both days.

Trainer and Trial Handler Tracy Parciak and Loki after his HC-finishing run.

Loki loves his sheep and is always very kind to his stock. His gentleness with stock has always been an attribute appreciated by the judges he has trialed under. Loki started his herding training in 2016. We hope to continue the herding journey by seeking out some C course work.

Loki is owned by Cindy Burgess and Amelia Foreman, bred by Karla Davis, and herding trained and handled by Tracy Parciak.


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