Participants Needed for Judges Ed on 12/15/21

Attention all Beauceron enthusiasts attending the Orlando shows 12/13/21-12/19/21!

On Wednesday, 12/15/21, the ABC Judges Education Committee has reserved the multimedia crew for videos and photos of individual Beaucerons for the AKC CANINE COLLEGE with Judge Michael Canalizo performing the examination portion.

If you are available on Wednesday, please, use the following link to book a time slot to have your Beauceron(s) filmed/photographed for this very important judges’ education and breeder tool. This filming is for the online AKC CANINE COLLEGE Breed Course which is an in depth education of the breed.

Let’s make this happen for the future of our breed and for the education of AKC judges and breeders who are involved the future course of our breed. Filming includes: gait, judge exam, photos of head and outline. We need all ages, genders, colors and cropped/natural ears. If you ever wanted to contribute and make a difference for our breed, this is the opportunity.

Book your time slot at: Each video and photo session takes about 30 minutes. Room N320. For more info about the CANINE COLLEGE and their mission go to:

FYI: Wednesday’s ring time is 8:00 am after 13. ~ Adrienne Scott 816-632-6094 text or call.


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