Meet Chanti!

Chantai is a harlequin 3 year old female with natural ears. She is a purebred Beauceron. She is housebroken, excellent in a crate and good with other dogs as long as she is given proper introductions. She has basic obedience and walks well on a leash, but we recommend her new owner be dedicated to continuing her training. She is a smart girl who needs a chance to use her brain! She will chase cats if they run, but backs right down if they sass back at her. We are comfortable adopting her out to a home with kitties as long as the new family will introduce properly! She likes her privacy when she eats, her foster feeds her in a crate and when other dogs approach she will growl at them. Chantai’s human foster can take food, toys, bones away from her without issue. Chantai is being spayed next week so we will start to accept applications on her. She is being fostered in CA.


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  1. Hi, Is she still available? We are in LA and if she is close we’d love to meet her. We lost our baby not long ago and are looking into another dog, didn’t feel quite ready but could be for the right dog.

  2. I am very interested in adopting Chantai! My husband and I live in Colorado Springs Colorado with just over a 3rd acre. I’m new to the site, so I’m not sure what the applicantion process is, but I would appreciate information on adoption fees/transportation.

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