Resignation-Sidney Wilcox (RD 4)

This is to advise the membership of the resignation of Sidney Wilcox as Regional Director 4 of the ABC, effective February 17, 2021. 

We sincerely thank Sidney for her hard work and dedication to the breed and to the ABC. She will remain the chair of the 2021 National Specialty.

Members interested in applying for the position can email a statement of interest and qualifications to the Board ( by March 2, 2021. By law, the Board must select a replacement within 30 days of her resignation. Applicants must be a member in good standing for one year at the time of submission and reside in Region 4.

Wags & Brags

Tarque earns multiple titles!

Rivesaltes des Monts du Lac BN, RN, CGC, TKI “Tarque” owned and loved by Pamela Vartanian earned his CGC Title, Rally Novice Title, Trick Dog Novice & Intermediate Title, and to top it all off he also earned his Beginner Novice Title!!! Way to go Tarque & Pamela!

Keats Final Rally 0003

Mesa earns her AKC Rally Novice title!

Pending AKC approval, Mesa’s Mountain Adventure JdV SEE SEI SWA NW1 JHD-g SD1 “Mesa” earned her Rally Novice title, which she achieved through the new AKC Virtual Rally pilot program. Great job Mesa & Syndi!

Herding Clinic

This is a ranch style clinic with Lisa Edwards, who has extensive experience with Beaucerons as well as many other herding breeds. Instruction will be tailored to the individual dog-handler team. This is the clinic that was postponed from last year due to COVID. There are 10 working spots (10 dogs). There is no charge for observers but the number may be limited due to COVID restrictions.

You’ll receive an email with payment details. After payment is completed, you’ll be confirmed (manually, so there may be a bit of a delay), and then you’ll receive instructions for how to submit your registration information so the site can properly plan for the number of people attending and staying onsite.

2020 ABC Member of the Year

The winner of the first American Beauceron Club Member of the Year award is Regional Director 4, Sidney Wilcox. We thought it would be nice for the membership to see all of the nominations, the reasons you put them forward, and how you recognize each other’s efforts and achievements. Congratulations to Sidney, and the rest of the nominees. The submission form for 2021 nominees will be posted in the coming month.

Diana Brown, nominated by Robyn Salley 
She volunteers tirelessly for the club and the community at large. She’s the first to bring new ideas to the table, see them all the way through, and educate the entire membership on the new idea or tool or process. She’s done countless of hours of work for the club without ever asking for a single shred of recognition in return. I credit her for a lot of the progress the club has made from a technology and process perspective and hope we can continue to benefit from her expertise for many years to come. 

Robyn Salley, nominated by Sarah Price
I have had the pleasure of working with Robyn for the past year on the newsletter committee, and in the process have gotten a peek into the inner workings of the ABC from the website side of the club. I honestly believe without her persistence, dedication of time, resources, and knowledge, the club would not be operating at its current level. She tirelessly works to keep the website functioning, trouble shooting for members, setting up tools and processes to help with communication, function, and events (National Specialty, fund raising, etc.). her work touches every facet of the club. She has streamlined so much of what the club does and never complains about the amount of time or effort she puts forward. In addition, I’ve watched Robyn encourage and educate in the most respectful and tactful manner in our many social media groups–something that I think emphasizes her adherence to the club’s code of ethics more than many other actions. I appreciate all of the time and resources that the ABC club members and especially our Board put into this job, but I think that Robyn has consistently gone above and beyond during her tenure to the website and newsletter committees. 

Robyn Salley, nominated by Syndi Keats
I am nominating Robyn Salley for Member of the Year for several reasons. First, she has worked tirelessly as the Club webmaster to upgrade and improve the website, which is the gateway to learning about our breed for members and nonmembers alike.  She’s available for any and all questions and is always willing to help. She’s also an advocate for the breed both in person in the breed ring or at shows, and online in various Facebook groups.  She was one of the creators of the Beauceron Newbie group, which created an informative space for people new to, or curious about, the breed. Robyn has gone above and beyond, donating a large amount of her personal time to improve the workings of the Board, and to help and encourage the membership and all Beauceron owners. 

Karla Davis, nominated by Sidney Wilcox
Karla is the pillar of the breed in the US. Because of her we are able to do AKC with our dogs. She has stayed a original member of the breed club. She has produced the winning history holding Beaucerons in the US. Her dedication to the breed is never questioned. Her dedication to the breed for decades deserves her to be the member of the year for her unwavering support the community has for her dogs and what she produced. She has stood by her dogs for a lifetime and she never spares an expense with club events. There is no better person that deserves this award. 

Karla Davis, nominated by Carol Cossey
Karla for many years has not only been a tremendous asset in breeding, she has also served the Club in many capacities as officer, chair and years and years of Meet the Breed events. She is a member in good standing and an asset to the Club. 

Ashley De Noma, nominated by Crystal Bomer
Ashley took over as treasurer for the club this year under very difficult circumstances. She put on our National Specialty with very limited assistance and as a relative newcomer to showing. She is a wonderful breed ambassador always willing to meet people interested in or new to the breed. She helps people at shows and shows other people’s Beauces who want their dogs shown but don’t want to show themselves at no charge. 

Ashley De Noma, nominated by Caitlin Bailey
Ashley has been an active member and board member this year. She is supportive to everyone she comes into contact with and is always doing what she can for the club and the breed as a whole. You can’t find a more honest and helpful member in the club. 

Ambre Leigh (Shaffer), nominated by Selena Elrod
From my observations, she always conducts herself professionally and kindly, and displays compassion for the breed and the betterment of the club. I feel her commentary is always well thought-out, productive and thought provoking. She demonstrates an ability to stay calm during debates and to avoid making things, or taking things personally. 

Sarah Price, nominated by Kayla Phillips
Her relentless determination for the newsletter success and being so positive to everyone! 

Sidney Wilcox, nominated by Pam Boyer
This year we have seen many firsts for the club. So many of her suggestions have been for the betterment of the breed and club. Like adding top 20, moving health and genetics forward, standing by this board and club. She works daily to see the club is working well. 

Sidney Wilcox, nominated by Gabby Murdock 
I believe that Sidney Wilcox is deserving of this award because just in this past year she has worked so hard through this club. She put together an amazing national event, worked very hard on the board, and she is always willing to tackle any rescue dog in need of help and pay for any care and such the rescue dog needs. She truly has gone above and beyond for the club just this year and I think she really deserves this award. She is continued to work on the national and journee even through the stress of the Covid 19. She has wonderful relationships with all breeders in the club. She has done so much for the club in a million different aspects this year and I think it would be wonderful to commend her for all her hard work. 

Sidney Wilcox, nominated by Courtney Goddard
She took on the responsibility of making our 2020 NS possible. While the pandemic may have messed things up, she has never stopped working hard at making this show possible. She has gone above and beyond as a board member and is always the first to help a Beauce in need and never complains. 

Elaine Giannelli, nominated by Lauren Trathen
Elaine has helped many many members across the years. She built a pedigree database that has been utilized worldwide and by almost every single one of us while it was up to date & even still now to look back. Elaine stands up for the true essence and spirit of the Beauceron; she has always tried to make the best choices she possibly can and mentor those she recognizes passion in. 

Kara Staroski, nominated by Lori Dillon
Kara is always willing to educate others in the breed. She spends countless hours on the rescue. I fostered a dog earlier this year and she kept in close contact to check on his progress. Kara cares deeply about the breed and she is excellent in her role as Rescue Coordinator. 

2020 AKC Outstanding Sportsman of the Year Award

The first ABC member to be awarded the AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship Award is Karla Davis. Members were asked to nominate fellow ABC members by providing a “reason for the nomination,” “why that person is considered exceptional,” and “how they have made a difference in the world of purebred dogs.” Responses were collected anonymously and the 2020 nominees are compiled below. 

Kara Staroski

  • She does a wonderful job and makes herself available 24/7 
  • She’s a hard-worker, loyal to the breed and it’s club and conducts herself in a non-judgemental and professional manner always 
  • She works her dogs in the sport they were bred for 

Ashley De Noma

  • As a newbie to the breed, Ashley was VERY quick to offer every ounce of help she could in every avenue. She has always wanted to make me and my dog a better team and has gone above and beyond even to no benefit to herself. She is kind, honest, and genuinely just wants to see the Beauceron as a breed succeed.
  • She is selfless. She thinks of the breed before herself and her own dogs. She does not play into the politics and has gone above and beyond to help the breed for multiple people.
  • She has encouraged and spured interest in many new beauceron owners in conformation where those new owners may never have tried it. This is not only an asset to the breed to have more Beaucerons in the breed ring but it is an asset to the sport of conformation to bring in new handlers and owners.
  • Ashley is the first person at a show to help people both inside and outside of the ring. If someone is a stranger and showing a beauceron, the cease to be a stranger to her. She will give pointers, hold your dog while you change numbers, even help find someone to get a dog in the ring at the cost of her own “calmness” for getting her dogs ready. She picks up dogs from hours away with no payment to herself so that we have healthy, correct breed competition to build majors and make the sport fun for everyone. I have lost to her dogs and won against her dogs. No matter the outcome, she has been congratulatory and positive. Her openness to newbies and drive to get everyone hooked on the sports she loves is truly admirable. 
  • She always goes above and beyond. Not just nice words, but valuable constructive criticism to make you and your dog harder competition. She internalized the idea that conformation is both a sport and the evaluation of breeding stock so it’s not just about gaming the system to get a blue ribbon – she makes sure that everyone in the ring shines to their fullest. 
  • She has brought many beauceron newbies into the sports of conformation and rally. There are more people playing in AKC because of her. I have faith that this is a pattern that will continue for decades to come. 

Sidney Wilcox

  • IMO I believe the member deserving of this award is Sidney Wilcox. She has worked so hard on the board, for the national event. Getting things going for the health committee and the breed standard. She has worked so hard this year for the club. And not to mention will and has always at the drop of the hat stepped up for Beauceron rescue. 
  • Her dedication to the breed for every singel aspect.
  • Trying to better the breed though a million different aspect and putting together an amazing national event for all members. 

Karla Davis

  • Karla has done so much and is always so kind to new people about showing even if their dog is not a stunner. 
  • It’s Karla Davis. She’s basically one of the matriarchs of the breed and time & time again has gone out of her way to stick up for the underdogs. She’s quick to lend you leashes, collars, bait, etc., at the shows too. 
  • She was one of the founders of the breed in America and helped bring them to AKC recognition. 

Victoria Paul 

  • She owns 2 Beaucerons and is involved in multiple AKC sports with both of them.  Her male, Han Solo du Chateau Rocher, is the first to achieve the Gold Versatility Award from the American Beauceron Club.   As well, her dogs are ambassadors to the breed, participating in official Meet the Breeds events as well as informal meet ups.  She is always available to Beauceron owners who might have any question about the breed, the AKC or any dog sports.
  • Victoria works tirelessly with her dogs in many venues and sports.  In fact, on the Gold Versatility certificate for Solo, it took 3 lines to get in all of his titles.  Beyond just trialing her dogs are ambassadors for the breed and Victoria is always willing to show them to new people and to teach people about the breed. 
  • She shows us all the best of what a Beauceron can be. 

Rescue Report – January 2021

We have two dogs currently in rescue, Miles a year old male being fostered by Jen Westrate. Miles has some behavioral issues that Jen is working hard on addressing. He was recently neutered, so we are hoping that reduces some of his bravado. Since Jen has been working with him his resource, guarding has become much more manageable. He is great with female dogs and has responded well to obedience training. Jen is very optimistic about his adaptability. She doesn’t mind being a long term foster.   

Stache is 13-week-old owner surrender. He was surrendered for behavioral issues and being “aggressive” with the young children in the home. He is from a BYBer and I made sure there was no contract/return agreement in place before he was surrendered. Sidney Wilcox will be fostering, training, and evaluating him. So far, she says he has been a typical, mouthy Beauceron puppy.  

Last year I was granted a $300 budget to put together foster home care packages. Between my house fire and it being a quiet year in rescue, I didn’t come close to those in expenses, but with the BODs permission I would like to continue this. As a reminder of what is included: 

  • A list of foster guidelines/and welcome letter 
  • Bag of treats and toy for the foster pup 
  • A SASE to mail me any forms (owner surrender forms, vaccine histories, copy of registration if available etc.)  
  • A $30 gift card to chewy, petco, tractor supply as a thank you to the foster.  

I am REALLY struggling with the teams application. I wish the BOD had consulted with chairpersons/committees before doing such a big change. When I ask for help with understanding it, I am directed to a 40+ page document on how to use the program. If you are into computers, I am sure it’s easy to understand. For me it’s like trying to figure out IKEA directions via the Swedish side of the paper. I didn’t even know I wouldn’t get emails anymore. I almost missed being able to help Stache because the owner submitted multiple owner surrender forms that I had never known about. He reached out to me via Facebook/private email.  

I don’t like that I have to use my personal email to reach out to shelters about dogs that they have. It just seems less professional. I also think people are still trying to reach us through the email, as I get several notifications a week saying I have an email, but I no longer have permission to see it.   

Lastly, I am seeking permission to reform the Rescue Committee; I would like to continue as chairperson.  

Respectfully submitted,  
Kara Staroski 

Breed Standard Report – January 2021

Late in 2020, the need to reevaluate the standard as it pertains to disqualifications has become apparent. After over 40 years in dogs and being part of the introduction of breeds and standard writing this is an easy place for my help. So we have a committee of 3 that is looking at removing some of the more restrictive dqs, and using the “to be faulted according to severity “phrase. The breed will not be changed but rather hopefully impress upon the need to add focus on breed type and function rather than the exclusion of good quality dogs due to an over exaggeration of importance of traits. So look forward to a hopefully a standard that looks for the best specimen rather than the one with the least disqualifications.

Thank you,
Pam Boyer