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Nyko Earns his CD and RA!

Happy 4th Birthday for Nyko!

Robyn and Leslie Salley’s Nyko finished out his CD (Novice Obedience) and RA (Rally Advanced) on his 4th birthday. Notably, he achieved his CD with 3 for 3 Q’s – two 1st places and 1 second!

Pending AKC Approval… Nocturne of the Ruined King des Monts du Lac CD RA CGC RATI HIT

Photos Requested for 2022 ABC Calendar

It’s that time of year again! We need your photos for the 2022 ABC Calendar!
From Now until May 1st you may submit your photos via Email or Teams.

We need High Resolution images in both Landscape and Portrait format for different elements of the calendar. Please remember only the highest resolution landscape images can be selected for large monthly photos though.

Avoid photos with people unless necessary for the activity. We are looking for a little bit of everything to show off how amazing and versatile this wonderful breed is! From the sporting field to the backseat on a road trip, during agility or obedience, herding their stock or basking on the couch. Posed and candid shots, even full on photo shoots with props! We also adore those holiday, seasonal, and themed photos!

While we unfortunately cannot include active bite photos for those in IPO, Mondio, and so forth. We would love to highlight the versatility of the breed in these sports still though. Photos of other exercises in these sports are more than welcome!

Please remember only ABC Members are eligible to submit photos, you must be a current member at the time of submission.

The limit this year is Eight photos per single membership, or Ten Photos if a joint or combined membership.

A member may submit for a non-member if they are a co-owner of the dog in the photo, however it will count toward the member who is submitting’s single membership limit of eight.

You must own the rights to the photo in order to submit it for publication. Meaning you either took the photo, have permission from a friend to submit, or have a photographer’s release which must be submitted at the same time as the photo in question.

In order to submit photos via Teams you can find the tab in the American Beauceron Club team section, under the “General” section. The tab is in the tool bar where you see Posts, Files, Current Files, and so forth, on mobile you will need to click “More” to see it. It will say “2022 Calendar Photos” and there is a visual step by step tutorial in that tab labeled “CalendarUpload” to help walk you through the process. You should also see the Example Folder in this section to see what it should look like when you are done.

You should also be able to click this link, and sign in via your ABC email to do so via internet browser as well, if you do not use the app on PC or Mobile:

Submitting via teams is highly recommended for anyone who would like to try for a Large month image as this method has the least quality loss, this is especially important if sending the item from a cell phone, and for those submitting large file sizes. Via teams, you also can edit, change, and submit new photos up until the deadline if you take a new one you enjoy more than your current submissions.

If you would prefer to submit via email you may do so by sending items to waysandmeans@beauce.org as we have in the past.

-Files should be titled the name of the dog pictured, or you will need to make a key for us to identify the dog’s in each photo to submit in the email.
Example: DC1021 is Dog 1 on the left and Dog 2 on the right

-Owner Name(s): Please list ALL owners you would like to have listed and their names as they should be printed if used.

-Dog(s) Call Name(s): If a photo contains multiple dogs, you must include a way to identify them such as Left to Right, color of collar, Harlequin or Black and Rust etc.

-Dog(s) Registered Name(s): Please include Call names in “quotes” or (parentheses) to pair to a registration name if it is not obvious.

-Additional Information: Such as if the dog is a rescue, in memoriam, and so forth.
If the photos are taken by a professional photographer, you must include a use release that includes resale rights for the images. Please list the photographer’s name in the additional information section.

Please note, if submitting via email you must submit files in the correct format and with all required information or it will not be considered. You also will not be able to change or exchange photos after submission due to the restructure of our email system. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Have questions? Need some help?
Message us at waysandmeans@beauce.org or reach out to Co-Chair Erika Stephens directly via Facebook or Teams and she will do her best to assist you.

Wags & Brags

Solo Finishes RACH!

Victoria Paul’s BOSS MABIS RO1 UCH RACH Han Solo Du Chateau Rocher CDX RM3 RAE2 CGCA CGCU TKI BCAT VHMA BH UPr1 UPF1 PRO1 became an AKC Rally Champion at the Houston Obedience Training Club, in Houston Texas, after completing his 20th triple-qualifying leg and 300 points (150 from Master class) needed to finish!