ABC Rescue Update

Kara Staroski

Do you think some things work out for a reason? Some days in rescue things go smoothly, dogs are adopted into their perfect homes right away and live happily ever after. Some days we hit roadblocks at every corner. We had a case recently where a beautiful Beauceron ended up in our rescue program, this is Abby’s story.

I first heard about Abby via email several months ago. Abby’s owner was an experienced dog person, someone who had even put obedience titles on her Dobermans. She acquired Abby secondhand through a back yard breeder. She had owned Abby since she was a puppy and had done an incredible amount of training with her. Abby’s owner poured her heart out to me, admitting that with health issues and not being as young as she once was she wasn’t able to meet Abby’s needs. As I reassured her that we match the dogs to their perfect homes (NEVER first come first serve) I could hear the relief in her voice. She really loved Abby and truly wanted the best for her. As we worked out the details I learned Abby lived in Idaho. Perfect, I thought to myself, I already knew the perfect foster.

Sidney Wilcox, the Region Four Director, has fostered over a dozen Beaucerons since I have known her. I knew she would be a great fit for Abby, to evaluate her and help figure out the next step in her life. Sidney responded immediately that she and her family would be able to take Abby in. Over the next few days arrangements were made and Abby went to live at RiverRim Ranch. My first emails about Abby were all positive, she was everything her first owner said, sweet, intelligent, and VERY well trained. Sidney told me if she entered her in a Rally trial she could get her Rally Novice title on her that weekend. We got pictures and videos of Abby posted and waited for applications to come in.

One of the hard parts about being rescue chair is disappointing people. Often for every dog we post we may have a dozen people (or more!) apply. Some people are eliminated from the running rather quickly, their landlord doesn’t allow dogs over 50 lbs, their veterinarian tells me something along the lines of “Wow, I’m surprised they want another dog, we haven’t seen their current dog in several years and they would only let us do a rabies vaccine.” Once we eliminate those folks then we move to step two, Googling and checking Facebook profiles of the applicants. One applicant had multiple ads in classified groups for various dogs. Red flag. Another had a Go-Fund-me set up to get a knee surgery on a dog she forgot to mention she owned on her application. As I moved through the applicants there were several good ones. But were they the right fit for our perfect Abby? Abby is VERY smart. She needs a job, so we wanted her to go to a home where she could possibly do a performance sport, or at the very least be an active companion. Finally, Sidney and I found what we considered the best home possible for Abby. Our little Idaho lady was heading to the Pacific Northwest! The family’s application sounded wonderful. They had researched the breed and even attended shows to meet up with breeders and other adult dogs. They were looking for an active hiking buddy and possibly a dog to try agility and barn hunt with. This was perfect!

We gave the family the great news, and then Covid-19 started sweeping across the USA. Everything came to a screeching halt when Sidney’s entire county was put into a mandatory stay-in-place order until June; over two months away. I gave the hopeful family the bad news. They were understanding, and asked me to keep them in mind for a future dog. So what to do with Abby? She was safe and sound at Sidney’s of course, but she really deserved a family of her own. Sidney came to me with an idea. She knew of a family local to her who had asked her about training a dog for them to be their hearing assistance service dog. They were experienced dog folks who lived close enough to Sidney that she could be there to support and educate them as needed. I am the last person to recommend a Beauceron as a service dog. We all know that they are slow to mature and their failure/washout rate is very high. It didn’t take much to convince me as Sidney and her friend Gabby began sending me videos of them training Abby. Abby was such a fast learner! Within a week she was alerting to the sound of a telephone ringing, and a fire alarm going off. I was incredibly impressed! Once the family submitted their application they took Miss Abby on a trial run. This brings us to present day. Abby is thriving and now, officially, has her forever home! I think of all the twists and turns in her road of life. There are so many different ways her story could have gone. As I go through the photos her new family has sent me, and I hear about how Abby not only is bringing them joy, but a little more piece of mind I know we have given them both a happy ending.

Kara, ABC Rescue Chair

Adopt Athena

Name: Athena
Age: 8 months
Gender: Female
Location: CA
Cats: Seems good with appropriate introductions
Dogs: Dog selective, prefers males.
Kids: LOVES children, and despite being a young bouncy Beauceron is careful with even little squirts. We would LOVE for Athena to have a tiny human of her own.
Livestock: unknown
Housebroken: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Training: Athena is being fostered by a trainer. She is working on her leash skills, house manners and basic obedience. Athena responds well to food and is eager to please. New owners will need to continue her training, at 8 months she is really still a baby.
Reason for surrender: In her previous home Athena got into a fight with the adult dog. There was no injuries, but her previous owner wanted to make sure it stayed that way. So Miss Athena found herself in our rescue program.
What does Athena’s foster have to say? Athena has been a fun foster! She loves my male Beauce and they are constantly playing. She is very sweet with my 6 year old daughter and loves kids. Athena is going to make a great dog for a lucky person. She is actually on the lower energy scale as far as Beaucerons go, but don’t get me wrong, she is STILL a Beauce!
Who will be Athena’s ideal new family? Someone who understands that Athena is still a great big puppy. She will need a home who enjoys training and wants to continue Athena’s education. Athena is a biddable dog who would excel at nosework or rally.

If you are interested in Athena please apply here.



Name: Mattie
Age: 8 years
Gender: spayed female
Kids?: Yes, lived with grandchildren and was excellent with them
Other dogs?: Lived with other dogs, needs proper introductions to strange dogs. Can be dog selective
Cats?: No
Livestock?: Unknown
Location: Texas

How did this dog end up with ABCR?

Mattie’s owner passed away, so this poor girl found herself homeless.

Who will be a good family for this dog?

Mattie is a sweet, easygoing girl who will thrive in a quiet home. As far as Beaucerons go she is low energy, so she might be an excellent fit for a first time owner to enjoy the breed. She does need thyroid medication.

What does this dog’s foster home say?

Mattie is very sweet and seems to be adjusting well. She did great at the vet today and was quiet and polite for her nail trim. So far she is mellow, enjoyed a couple walks and she was very polite on the leash. She is slow to warm up to strangers, but



she is very snuggly with me, like a giant lap dog!



Name: Chanti
Age: 5 years
Gender: female, spayed
Kids: Good with Children
Other dogs? Good with other dogs. She will guard her food from other dogs (NOT PEOPLE)
Cats?: Good with kitties
Livestock?: Good with livestock, was raised on a ranch
Location: CA

How did this dog end up with ABCR?

Chanti had a rough start in her life. She and her littermate were sold to a ranch, and on Chanti’s very first heat cycle she was bred to her brother (we assume accidentally) She was rehomed from that situation, where she was then surrendered to ABCR when her owner found herself going through some major live changes.

Who will be a good family for this dog?
Chanti will make a great family dog! She is not as active as some Beaucerons, but would still make a great jogging/hiking partner. She is housebroken and has great manners.

What does this dog’s foster home say?

She does need to be fed separately from the pack, she will guard food. But doesn’t guard toys. She has no problems with humans taking toys, treats, or food, just other dogs. Other then that Chanti is a GREAT dog. She is sweet and goofy, always wants to be with you.





Lylanew home


Lyla is a 5 year old Beauceron mix who is looking for her forever family.

This sweet girl was dumped in an overnight drop box at a shelter in Florida. We can’t figure out why someone wouldn’t have the decency to try to find this sweet girl an actual home instead of abandoning her like garbage in a drop box. She is so good natured and a wonderful dog. The only thing we can think of is that she was positive for heartworm, and her family couldn’t afford the treatment.

The good news? The heartworms are treated and gone, and Lyla is now spayed, up to date on shots, and healthy!
Lyla is excellent and quiet in a crate, dis housebroken.
She is polite with other dogs and showed only slight interest in chickens when exposed to them.
She is wonderful with older (5+) children
Lyla is being fostered in Texas.






Lobo is a 3 year old neutered black and tan male Beauceron with cropped ears. Lobo is your typical young male Beauce boy, he is goofy and bouncy. Lobo was surrendered to rescue when another dog in the household began fighting with him. His family came to the difficult decision that living the crate and rotate lifestyle was NOT fair to Lobo. They do think he would get along just fine with an easygoing female. Lobo is reserved with strangers and needs time to warm up to people he doesn’t know. He was shown briefly when he was young, but he much prefers the quiet, homebody lifestyle. Lobo has basic manners and training, and is housebroken and good in a crate. He is being fostered in CA.


Lobo was adopted in November of 2018, he is enjoying life with his family in the pacific northwest.


Meet Desi!

Desi is a sweet year and a half old spayed female. She is a black and tan with natural ears and all her double dews 🙂 She is been thriving in her foster home. They say she is a wonderful, sweet dog who has basic manners, is housebroken, and a perfect lovebug. She is good in the car, good in her crate (but LOVES the radio on, she seems to prefer smooth Jazz)and is an excellent, but sloppy, kisser. Desi’s foster family have been socializing her and bringing her out and about to dog friendly stores and local parks, she is shy with strangers, but shows no aggression. Desi is good with other dogs and livestock, but needs a home without cats. She is good with children. Desi is being fostered in Nebreska.

For Adoption, Asher!

Meet Asher! Asher was discovered in an overcrowded shelter in Indiana. With the cooperation of the shelter ABCR was able to pull this sweet boy and get him into a foster home!

So what do we know about Asher? He is good with most other dogs, we have found he can be a pushy, rude, teenager, so he needs to be with dogs who are understanding, or a human who feels comfortable reminding Asher of what his place in the world is.

He is good with cats and seems to be ok with livestock as well.

He is good with children, but mouthy, so we are recommending older children, 10+

He takes treats gently and shows no signs of resource or food guarding.

He is a little guy, at only about 65 lbs (could be around 70 with a little more weight) and we are guesstimating him to be LESS then a year.

So, now that you know the good stuff about Asher, lets highlight on some areas where he needs improvement. We don’t think he ever lived in a house, his foster is working with him on housebreaking and crate training. On a happy note, he is taking to house training very well.

He has a negative association with being grabbed by his collar, we don’t know if he was corrected harshly, or if someone would grab his collar then scold him, but he pulls away and seems fearful. No aggression.

He is slow to warm up to strangers, again, no aggression, we just don’t think he was socialized very well, if at all.

So lucky for Asher his foster is a trainer. He has been working with Asher daily in manners, socialization, and basic training.

Asher is being foster in Michigan.



Meet Chanti!

Chantai is a harlequin 3 year old female with natural ears. She is a purebred Beauceron. She is housebroken, excellent in a crate and good with other dogs as long as she is given proper introductions. She has basic obedience and walks well on a leash, but we recommend her new owner be dedicated to continuing her training. She is a smart girl who needs a chance to use her brain! She will chase cats if they run, but backs right down if they sass back at her. We are comfortable adopting her out to a home with kitties as long as the new family will introduce properly! She likes her privacy when she eats, her foster feeds her in a crate and when other dogs approach she will growl at them. Chantai’s human foster can take food, toys, bones away from her without issue. Chantai is being spayed next week so we will start to accept applications on her. She is being fostered in CA.



Isabeau is a beautiful French import girl who just arrived at her new foster home on June 10th. More info on her as we get to know her! But in the meantime her foster mom says “Picked up Isa on Sunday the 10th. She is slowly adjusting to life here. She has never been in a house before so that is new for her. Still finding out what her quirks are but so far none to bad. She gets along fine with my male beauce but still not sure about the female kelpie. Does have a great interest in the feral cats here and will need work on that.
She loves water and a little swimming at the pond, but not from a water hose, comes when called and knows a little obedience.
She has a body shape more like a rottie heavy boned, but has to lose a lot of weight. Her height might be around 24.5″ Can not even feel her ribs. So she gets a lot of exercise with Ouran running with us and the atv. She does not bother the cows or the horses which is good.” She is the black and tan pictured laying down. Being Fostered in CA.