American Beauceron Club National Specialty Winners

Based on information in past newsletters and AKC past show results, the winners of the ABC’s National Specialty (NS) have been compiled. However, this list is somewhat incomplete as the ABC held events prior to the 2010 NS. If you have information from 2006-2009 (or earlier), please email the Archives & History Committee ( If you have photos from any of these past events we would love to have them, we would also love to be able to post photographs of past winners.

The results are broken down by year, location (state), judge of the NS, with entries/competitors, followed by the winner, dog/bitch, owner and breeder, and then any additional information about the event itself.

Judge D. Thompson (13/13)
Solitaire Bleue du Chateau Rocher (B)
Karla Davis/Karla Davis
*NABC Rarities Specialty





Judge Jan de Gids (32/29)
Ch Signet Mes Yeux Vigilants (D)
Susan Bass & Adrienne Scott/Susan Bass
*First National Specialty

Judge E. McDowell (38/29)
Ch Falcon Blue du Chateau Rocher (D)
Karla Davis/Karla Davis

Judge C. A. Herbel (23/?)
GCh Bijou Noir du Chateau Rocher (B)
Jean Tournquist/Karla Davis

2013–New York
Judge P. Beisel-McIlwaine (20/?)
GChS Ch De Joie du Chateau du Rocher (D)
Marlene Palmer/Karla Davis

Judge R. H. Slay (26/?)
GChS Ch De Joie du Chateau du Rocher (D)
Marlene Palmer/Karla Davis
*Also went Group 1 and BIS

Judge L. Adams (31/?)
GChS Ch De Joie du Chateau du Rocher (D)
Marlene Palmer/Karla Davis
*Also went Group 1 and RBIS

Judge L. Scanlon (38/?)
GChS Ch De Joie du Chateau du Rocher (D)
Marlene Palmer/Karla Davis
*Also went Group 2

Judge S. A. Redmer (33/?)
Ch Jaguar Noir des Mont du Lac (B)
Joanne Boudreault/Joanne Boudreault & Eric Vavassori

Judge M. Purkhiser (36/?)
GChS Ch Maitrise du Chateau Rocher (B)
Karen Muller/Karla Davis
*Also Owner/Handler Group 3

Judge J. A. Vanek (26/21)
GChG Ch Maitrise du Chateau Rocher (B)
Karen Muller/Karla Davis

2020–Postponed due to COVID


ABC Member of the Year

NEW Member of the Year award for a perpetual trophy to be circulated from National to National. With a trophy that stays with the National Committee from year to year to be displayed during National events. Also, with a small token of either a medallion or Ribbon with name on award for member to be award to take home with them forever. Would be based by nomination only. Nominations must be sent through the form below. Nomination must include name of member being nominated and why you see the Member of the Year Award would be a great recognition for this person.

Nominations must be submitted to board before January 1st, for the award to be awarded the following year. For example, 2020 member of the year would need to be submitted by January 1st to be award at the National in June 2021.

Criteria to be thought of as nominating a member:

  • Member must be in good standing of the club.
  • Member, if a breeder, must be breeding to the current clubs Code of Ethics.

Example of reason for nomination:

One who has gone above for the club. One that has shown good sportsmanship towards all. Could be volunteering on a committee to tackling large ABC events as chair. To be sportsmanship and presence at club events such as meet the breeds booth to, meet and greets with fellow enthusiasts to learn about the breed. Is one that is always eager to volunteer their time and dogs for education and positive exposure for the breed. Is a ambassador for the breed and club. No award shall be given to the same member within a 10 year span.

ABC 2020 Versatility Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2020 recipients of the ABC Versatility Award! Since the membership will not be together to cheer this year’s awardees at the annual meeting we should clap extra hard and loud for this years awardees.

Make sure to check out the revised Versatility and Health Awards standards and requirements. Through the magic of the ABC’s webmaster, you will be able to select your categories/titles and it will calculate your point total and requirements for you on the website. The tool is available to members and non-members at:

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Health Award of Merit

About the AwardRequirementsApply for this Award

The American Beauceron Club Health Award of Merit is presented to a
current member’s Beauceron that has passed our comprehensive set
of required health tests and temperament evaluation. Applications
must include supportive OFA certificates for each required test and
temperament tests from an approved evaluator. Tests are also verified
through the OFA database.

  • OFA CHIC #
  • OFA/Penn Hip #
  • OFA Elbow #
  • OFA Cardiac #
  • OFA CERF #
  • Temperament Evaluation: AKC TT, ATTS, BH, Journee and equivalent tests

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Register of Merit

These awards are open to all Beaucerons, living or dead, that have distinguished themselves by their titled offspring and are owned or co-owned by current American Beauceron Club members. As production points accumulate (based on the get’s accomplishments), the individual sire or dam may apply to be upgraded to the next higher award.

Eligibility CriteriaBreed PointsRally & Tracking PointsObedience & Agility PointsSchutzhund, Ring, & Herding PointsHealth Points & General InfoApply for this Award

To be eligible for any award, a Beauceron must meet the following requirements: 

  1. Have produced at least one (1) AKC Champion of Record (unless dog was born prior to 2005; dog born prior needs to have produced at least one UKC/ARBA/Int’l Champion of Record).
  2. Have produced at least (1) intermediate working titled dog (CDX, TDX, VST, SchH II, HI, OA, OAJ) or equivalent.
  3. Have produced at least three (3) titled offspring.
  4. Have an OFA hip certification of fair or better or other country’s equivalent.
  5. Have met the production point requirements.
  6. Have at least 4 points from the health category.
Bronze ProducersSilver ProducersGold Producers

Above numbers are based on 1-15 pups for the females and 1-30 for the males.
Double the amount required for 16-30 pups for the females and 31-60 for the males.
Triple the amount required for 31-45 pups for the females and 61-90 for the males.
Quadruple the amount required for 46-60 pups for the females and 91-120 for the males.

Breed Points
UKC, ARBA, or Intl. CH2
Nat. Spec BOB2
Nat. Spec BOS2
Nat. Spec WD/WB1
Region Spec BOB1
Cot 21
Cot 3 or 42
AKC Group win1
ROM Award2
Rally Points
FH 12
FH 23
Obedience Points
AKC, UKC, ASCA, or International
All breed HIT*2
200 Score**3
Agility Points
Schutzhund / RingPoints
Brevet Ring1
SchH I/Ring 11
SchH II/Ring 22
SchH III/Ring 33
OFA Excellent3
OFA Good2
OFA Fair1
Elbows Passed1
Heart Passed1
Echocardiogram Passed2
  • Other venues equivalents will be awarded the same amount of points if not listed above.
  • Points are only awarded from one organization for same title on same dog.
  • Working titles are cumulative.
    • PT is one point
    • HS is two points
    • Total of three (3) production points (PT plus HS).

*Initial HIT only (or equivalents)

**Initial 200 score only (or equivalents)


Applying Dog


At least one of the following must be attached:

  • The issue & page of the AKC AWARDS magazine when the title was published
  • A copy of the title certificate
  • A full AKC Awards Report for the dog

The ABC Versatility Award

About the AwardRequirementsAwarding of pointsPoints: International & ObediencePoints: Tracking & Schutzhund/RingPoints: Agility & HerdingPoints: Service & StrengthRubric & ExampleApply for this Award

The American Beauceron Club Versatility Bronze, Silver and Gold titles are designed to spotlight the dog-handler teams who work with one another in a variety of events. Eligible dogs must be owned or co-owned by current Club members.

Titles are awarded in recognition of the accomplishments of the dog/handler in a range of activities: Conformation, Obedience, Schutzhund, Agility, Herding, and other activities in which certification or titles are earned. All titles must be earned or awarded by nationally recognized organizations.

When submitting your Application for a Versatility Award, attach copies of the relevant certification document. If you’re unable to scan and upload, documents can be mailed to the Breed Certification Chair.  These will be retained in ABC’s files and will not be returned. Please do not send original documents. 

Previous Versatility Award Recipients


  • Minimum of 8 points
  • At least one novice level title
  • Minimum of 3 categories


  • Minimum of 12 points
  • At least 1 secondary level title; advanced, intermediate, etc.
  • Minimum of 4 activities from at least 3 categories


  • Minimum of 16 points
  • At least 1 excellent or equivalent title OR 2 advanced titles from 2 different categories
  • Minimum of 4 activities from at least 3 categories

Titles/points within the same sport are not cumulative; points are awarded from the highest-level title earned. For example, the TD (tracking dog) title is worth 1 point. Earning a TDX (tracking dog excellent) title is worth 2 points. Your total for that sport would be awarded for the highest level earned (2) and not both titles combined (1+2).

A “minimum of 4 activities from at least 3 categories” means that a person could have 3 sports/activities from 3 different categories plus 1 other sport from the same category. For example, 1 herding title, 1 rally title, 1 scent work title, and 1 barn hunt title. The barn hunt and scent work titles are both in the “Scent Work” category while the others are in “Herding” and “Obedience” categories.

Category A: Conformation Points (max 5pts)
GCH – AKC Grand Champion4
AKC Champion3
UKC, ARBA, or International Champion2
Recommende (Cot 4) – French Evaluation4
Excellent+ – Rating at a Journee or Cotation 33
Excellent – Rating at a Journee or Cotation 22
Tres Bon/Bon – Rating at a Journee or Cotation 11
Category B: Obedience Points
OTCH – Obedience Trial Champion5
UDX – Utility Dog Excellent4
UD – Utility Dog3
CDX – Companion Dog Excellent2
CD – Companion Dog1
BN – Beginner Novice1
DVG/USA Obedience 1, 2, or 31/2/3
RE/RM# – Rally Excellent/Master2
RN/RI/RA – Rally Novice/Intermediate/Advanced1
TDE/TDP – Trick Dog Expert/Performer2
TDN/TDI/TDA – Trick Dog Novice/Intermediate/Advanced1

Category C: Scent Work Points
CT – Champion Tracker4
VST – Variable Surface Tracker3
TDX – Tracking Dog Excellent2
TD – Tracking Dog1
FH2 – Fahrtenhund Superior Tracking3
FH1 – Fahrtenhund Advanced Tracking2
DVG/USA Tracking 1, 2, or 3 1/2/3
SWN/SWA/SWE/SWM/DE – AKC Scent Work 1/2/3/4/5
ORT/NW1/NW2/NW3/ELI – NACSW 1/2/3/4/5
L1/L2/L3 – NASCW1/2/3
RATM/RATCH – Barn Hunt2
Category D: Schutzhund/French Ring/IPO Points
SchH III/SchHII/SchH I6/5/3
Ring 3/Ring 2/Ring 1/Brevet Ring6/5/3/2

Category E: Agility Points
MACH – Master Agility Champion5
MD or MXJ – Master Agility4
AX or AXJ, AGIII – Agility Excellent4
OA or OAH, AGCH – Open Agility3
NA or NAH, AGII – Novice Agility2
AGI – Agility I1
Category F: Herding Points
HC/WTCH/HTCH – Herding Ch./Working Trial Ch./Herding Trial Ch.6
HX/ATD – Herding Excellent / Advanced Trial Dog5
HTD-I/II/III – Herding Trial Dog I/II/III2/3/4
HRD-I/II/III – Herding Ranch Dog I/II/III2/3/4
HI/OTD – Herding Intermediate/Open Trial Dog3
HS/STD – Herding Started/Herding Started2
HT/PT/JHD – Herding Tested/Pre-Trial Tested, Junior Herding Dog1

Category G: Service Points
THD – Registered Therapy Dog1
SAR – Search and Rescue Certification5
SAR+ – Additional Search and Rescue Certifications1
Category H: Strength/Endurance Points
Draft Dog Certification2
Carting Certification1
Weight Pulling Title1
Sled/Skijoring/Mushing/Canicross – participated in event/race1
AD – Ausdauerprüfung1
CA/CAA/CAX – Lure Coursing1
DN/DJ/DS/DX – Dock Diving1
AR – Air Retrieve Dock Diving1

Total Points/8
# of Req. Categories:/3
Novice Title(s)/1
Total Points/12
# of Req. Categories/3
# of Req. Activities/4
Inter./Adv/ Title(s)/1
Previous TitlesBronze
Total Points/16
# of Req. Categories/3
# of Req. Activities/4
Inter./Adv/ Title(s)/1
Previous TitlesSilver
Example Application
AKC Champion3
Rally Excellent2
Trick Dog Intermediate1
Herding Tested1
Dock Junior1
Bronze Total:9/8

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