The Ethics of Conformation

Robyn Sally

When discussing which dogs should be bred, the one “baseline” requirement seems to be a “CH” before their name or “COT” afterward. Whether that is correct is an entirely different topic, but this is our current breeding culture. It follows that our approach to conformation competitions becomes increasingly important. The ethics of showing in conformation are complex. While I will never claim to be the best person to provide clarity, I want to highlight the critical grey areas that are present and always up for debate.

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ABC 2020 Versatility Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2020 recipients of the ABC Versatility Award! Since the membership will not be together to cheer this year’s awardees at the annual meeting we should clap extra hard and loud for this years awardees.

Make sure to check out the revised Versatility and Health Awards standards and requirements. Through the magic of the ABC’s webmaster, you will be able to select your categories/titles and it will calculate your point total and requirements for you on the website. The tool is available to members and non-members at:

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