Website Committee Update – Aug 2020

Robyn Salley

Hi all,
I wanted to take a moment to provide a short update on the website. I am excited to say that we’ve collaborated with the Breed Certification Committee to create applications for the Versatility Award and Health Award of Merit. These efforts were particularly special to me because the committee chairs (Ambre Schaffer and Syndi Keats) worked very closely with me. The first iteration of the Versatility Award didn’t provide the full functionality they were looking for. We went back to the drawing board. In the end, a truly dynamic application was created that calculates your points as you go and allows you to compare them to the requirements of the level you indicate. In the past, the Versatility Award was less intuitive and I am confident we have addressed a lot of the confusion through the website application. It was meaningful to me to work with club members who can ask for more without being rude or combative.

As other committees have needs that could be filled by the website, I look forward to working with them to provide functionality to meet their needs. Please do not hesitate to reach out with ideas.

The Ethics of Conformation

Robyn Sally

When discussing which dogs should be bred, the one “baseline” requirement seems to be a “CH” before their name or “COT” afterward. Whether that is correct is an entirely different topic, but this is our current breeding culture. It follows that our approach to conformation competitions becomes increasingly important. The ethics of showing in conformation are complex. While I will never claim to be the best person to provide clarity, I want to highlight the critical grey areas that are present and always up for debate.

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Review: Pat Hastings’ Structure in Action Seminar

Robyn Gowen

I recently had the opportunity to attend a Structure In Action seminar in Oakland, CA, with Pat Hastings for my second experience. The first was many, many, years ago coming from an entirely different breed. My recollection of a day filled with pleasurable learning was reinforced by yet another day that went by much too quickly. Pat imparted her wealth of knowledge to an audience of breeders, dog show exhibitors, dog sports participants, veterinarians, AKC & CKC judges, SAR handlers, and others.

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ABC 2020 Versatility Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2020 recipients of the ABC Versatility Award! Since the membership will not be together to cheer this year’s awardees at the annual meeting we should clap extra hard and loud for this years awardees.

Make sure to check out the revised Versatility and Health Awards standards and requirements. Through the magic of the ABC’s webmaster, you will be able to select your categories/titles and it will calculate your point total and requirements for you on the website. The tool is available to members and non-members at:

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New Member Applications – Aug 2020

  • Jacob and Breann Plagens sponsored by Lauren Trathen
  • Morgan and Terry Rodriguez sponsored by Robyn Salley
  • Kelly David sponsored by Syndi Keats (Sanda Kat)
  • John Schmoll sponsored by Jon Hicks
  • Karen Lyons sponsored by Jasmine Sanders
  • Jon Bourque sponsored by Brianna Bodwell, Karla Davis, Robyn Salley, and Claire Roybal
  • Caitlin Bailey sponsored by Lauren Trathen

The Beauceron Bulletin

The Beauceron Bulletin

Volume / Issue

July/August 2020

Inside This Issue

Beaucerons Herd Their Owners to Gardnerville

Syndi Keats

(left to right) Syndi Keats and Mesa; Christine Emery and Paris; Lauren Trathen and Océane; Lisa Edwards and Hogan (Christine’s dog); Kelly Davis and Oneric.

FIVE! Count them, five Beaucerons herding together for a whole weekend!! Even though the official herding clinic had to be cancelled, Lauren Trathen and Kelly Davis made the trek to Gardnerville to join ABC member Syndi Keats and Christine Emery at their regular training sessions.

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