2020 ABC Herding Tests and Trials In The Books!

Jon Hicks

Region 2, once again, put on a very successful ABC Herding Test and Trials in Berryville, Virginia.  I believe we had eight Beaucerons present, with sevearal new titles earned by the breed. The FDC and ATT were huge hits, and although the judges were worn out, those titles were very profitable.

Attendees of the 2020 ABC Herding Event: (l-r) Jon Hicks with Arya and Nytro, Allison Davis (standing), Jasmine Sanders and Lily, Justine Bradley with Recon and Mango, Courtney Goddard and Kenai (standing), Debbie Baker and Hartza, Sarah Saucier and Reine, Sara Reid and Pride, Alicia Wells and Giselle.

Sara Reid and Pride D Matcho du Chateau Rocher (Pride) completed their HT and the FDC. Jon Hicks and GCH CH Nostradamus Des Gardiens D’Apollinaire (Nytro), HSAsM FDC, competed on Saturday and Sunday, earning three more Qs in Started A Course Sheep, and placing in all three trials (first, second, and third!). With these qualifying runs, Nytro has earned his Herding Started Course A Sheep Master title.

Sara Reid’s Pride and his loot from the trial

The 2019 trial made $2,100 for the ABC. I am beyond happy to report that the net profit from the 2020 trial is $5,435.16. It is only because of the members in Regions 1 and 2 that we can sustain these numbers. Our Maryland and Virginia members were the primary volunteers, but we even had members from Ohio and Pennsylvania who drove through terrible weather to be at the trial on Saturday.

I cannot thank those who helped to make this trial such a success enough. I am already looking forward to next year’s trial, and many more in the years to come.


Jon Hicks, Region 2 Director and 2020 Herding Trial Chair

2020 AKC NOHS Final Rankings

The rankings and points were final as of October 7, 2020. Forty-two Beaucerons are included in the final tally, which is impressive given that COVID-19 brought a halt to trialing for most of this year. Congratulations to all the Owner-Handlers of 2020!

Rank Dog Name Owner NamePoints
No. 1GCH CH Kafziel Von Der Funkhalde RN CGCA CGCU TKNAshley De Noma/Jill Rose355  
No. 2CH Outwit Des Gardiens D’ApollinaireDawn Johnson/Angie Robertson/Greg Johnson245  
No. 3CH Chronos Xerxes Z Babanovho Vrska DSCasey Nowtash/Daniel Nowtash175  
No. 4CH Quoiceneck Bleu De Montclea BCATLinda Buffa/Cindy Hartwell145  
No. 5CH Olympia Bleue Du Chateau Rocher RN FDC CA DCAT CGC TKA ATTMrs. Jasmine C Sanders55  
No. 6GCH CH N’vy des Gardiens D’ApollinaireAngie Robertson/Dawn Johnson50  
 CH Outclass Des Gardiens D’ApollinaireDawn Johnson/Greg Johnson/Angie Robertson50  
No. 8GCH CH La Belle Fleur Sauvage Des Siskiyous FDC BCATMrs. Jalien Watson35  
 GCH CH Mystique De Soleil Minuit FDC CA CGC TKNDerylee Hecimovich/Lan Hecimovich35  
 CH Princess Yue Du Chateau Rocher RN ATTYvette Ornelas35  
No. 11CH P’ Sirius Black De La Bergerie D’ ElanSierra Esparza30  
No. 12CH Octavia Bleue Gardein Des ChutesJoanna M Law/Carol A Cossey25  
 Protege D’Andromeda Du Joie De Vie Adventure TKN ATTDiane Yoha/Mark Ricciardella25  
No. 14Ame Magnanime Hughes RebellSheila Mills20  
 Proper Gent Du Chateau Rocher RN HT CGC TKAStephanie Lynn Smith20  
No. 16Pick Your Poison Du La Cour Des Reves RI CGC TKE ATTMrs. Alissa A Felix/Ms. Kayla Raquel Phillips15  
No. 17Armored Rose Defying Gravity CGCA TKNMarissa Ho/Jill Rose10  
 Birdwing Peace Of My Heart RN CGCA CGCU TKNSusan Griffin/Jack Carney10  
 GCH CH Ja’Ciara Le Coeur Pur CGCMarc Dicino/Terri Dicino/Angie Robertson10  
 CH Laisser Le Cote Sombre Dans De La Valle Katahdin RE FDC NJP CGCA CGCU TKEMrs. Stacy Crivello10  
 CH Northern Star Of Blue Kisses Gardien Des Chutes BN RN CAA BCAT CGCAMs. Susan J Walls10  
 Oh For Flock’s Sake De Haute Crete CGCA CGCU TKNAshtyn Chamberlain/Amelia Foreman/Alex Zeilmann/Angela Chamberlain10  
 CH Onassis Gardien Des Chutes RN CGC TKNMrs. Trina Marie Bastion10  
 GCH CH Ozella Du Joie De Vie Adventure BN CGCBetty Johnson/Bruce Johnson/Angie Robertson10  
 Pavo Platoon Des Monts Du LacAdam Borman/Erica Iglesias Borman10  
No. 26GCH CH Birdwing Nietzsche RI PT FDC CA CGCA CGCU TKN ATTSusan Griffin/Jack Carney5  
 CH Birdwing Oberklasse-Dieb RA PT CA DJ CGCA CGCU TKA ATTMrs. Shelby B Vannarsdall/Susan Griffin5  
 CH Birdwing Odin War Lord At Defisja RNPatrick F Cagney/Diana L Cagney/Susan Griffin5  
 CH Demro Heart Boyard FDC BCAT CGCA CGCU TKIRachael Lincoln/Bright Kailee5  
 Dhalia Black Heart Boyard BCAT CGCA CGCU TKI ATTKailee Bright/Lenore Hedemark/Rachael Lincoln5  
 GCH CH Matcho D Irko Des Monts Du LacKarla Davis5  
 Medicine Man Du Coeur De Soleil CGCLindsey Winslow/Tyler Winslow/Elaine Giannelli5  
 GCH CH Monet Happy Des Monts Du Lac CGCA CGCU TKNAngie Robertson/Dawn Johnson5  
 CH Moulin Vert No Higher Love FDC BCATCarolyn Mills5  
 GCH CH Nostradamus Des Gardiens D’Apollinaire HSAs FDC ATTJon Hicks5  
 Odaiourazi De L’Ombre Rouge De Phrygie CGCA CGCU TKN ATTSusan Griffin/Jack Carney5  
 Offender Du Joie De Vie AdventureRachel Rogers/Angie Robertson5  
 Orabelle Bleue Du Chateau Rocher TKIBrittany Rickard5  
 Patriot Fire Mes Yeux VigilantsSusan D. Bass/Heidi L Sparks5  
 Petra Tempete De Hope Of Prairie CrestBruce Johnson/Adrienne Scott/Betty Johnson5  
 Svajone’s Paint Your Pallet Blue And Grey CGCMaryAnn Sullivan/Ms. Kayla Raquel Phillips5  
 Svajone’s Prince SidonMaile Hirano/Ms. Kayla Raquel Phillips5  

A Year in the Life: The Beginnings of a Beauceron Addict

Caitlin Bailey

Hey Everyone! My name is Caitlin Bailey and I am a first time Beauceron owner. Over the next year, I will be writing about aspects of my journey as a newbie to the breed. You can meet me as a new ABC member and Rowan here.

First, a little background on myself: I am a 90s baby, live in Orlando, Florida, and grew up with a southern family and a heart for horses. I was surrounded with horses, herding breeds (plus one amazing Jack Russell), and aspirations to become a veterinarian. Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Science in International Studies and a minor in French, I began working as a professional dog trainer in Orlando. Today, I am a bookkeeper for my in-law’s commercial construction company, and I train dogs on the side. As far as dog sports, Dixie (my ACD) and I train in agility and herding. One day, I hope to become a cattle rancher here in Florida with my husband.

After meeting Beaucerons at the Royal Canin show, I spent two years researching. I spoke with breeders, made connections in the Facebook Beauceron community, and picked the brains of other owners. With this being my first well-bred dog, I was not interested in the complications of importing which ruled out all foreign breeders. Therefore, I was left with the few active breeders who come highly recommended by the community. One of those breeders was Jill Rose of Armored Rose Beaucerons. Her dogs seemed to have all the qualities that I was looking for, but I hit a snag. She was not willing to sell me a non-showing puppy that I was not planning on neutering. This was something I was very upfront about and having the choice to neuter/not neuter my future dog was a deal breaker for me. The next breeder I made a connection with was Lauren Trathen of Vaillant Feu Beaucerons. She was open to the idea of allowing me to have that choice and so we moved forward in our relationship.

While researching pedigrees and the overall type of Beauceron I was interested in, my breeder was an invaluable asset. Any question I threw at her came back with an educational answer. Any insecurity or worry that I had was complimented with an honest and sincere response. What completely won me over was her persistence to find me the puppy that fit my lifestyle and goals the best, whether that was produced by her or not. It was never about her kennel versus another, it was always about the dog that worked best for me. This was especially important due to the ups and downs that come with breeding. The original breeding I was interested in was Jamais x Hulk but both AI attempts failed. Not only was this heartbreaking for Lauren, and myself, but it was frustrating for me as a potential buyer. Each failed attempt was mitigated by Lauren’s willingness to help me find a breeder who already had a litter on the ground or was planning to have one soon, if I wanted to go another route. Because of this, I not only gained a mentor in the breed but someone I can call a friend.

In June, Lauren’s bred-by bitch whelped her litter. These puppies were expected to be sport prospects with lots of drive, which loosely fit my expectations. My criteria for my first Beauceron was a partner who would work. I love dogs who want a job and I wanted to provide that for my new puppy through SAR training, herding, and any other sports that came our way. After weeks of waiting and watching them grow (not so patiently, I might add!), she finally let me know there was a male puppy available for me.

As a dog trainer, it was very important to me to establish a working relationship with my puppy. Socialization, boundaries, and a set schedule were key to our future success as a team. As soon as I brought Rowan home, I began a schedule of obedience training, engaged play, separation and socialization. With the help of members of various SAR teams, we also began foundational nose work games to prepare him for SAR. My current career has given me the blessing of being able to work from home, allowing me to engage with Rowan while also performing my day job. As I work, he plays with his toys in my office and works scent training through various nosework toys throughout the day. When I go back to work, he will be coming with me to continue his socialization and general obedience while also being a lazy office dog! Not everyone has this opportunity and I am so thankful that Rowan gets to accompany me most places, preparing him for a career of helping people.

There were many things that I thought would be difficult about bringing home a Beauceron. One of those difficulties has been a reality, the cropping procedure and aftercare. Due to healing time and travel restrictions, we chose to have his ears cropped in Florida by a recommended vet. The procedure itself went very smoothly and the vet did a phenomenal job. However, the incision line healed so quickly that by the time the sutures came out at the recommended ten days, they had embedded in his skin. Thankfully, our vet removed the sutures without ruining the incision line. The second problem we ran into (and are still battling) are pockets. Many cropped puppies develop pockets and it is a constant battle of trying to figure out how to pop them out and keep those ears perfect. This is where the virtual world of Beaucerons has been so helpful and I think we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with his ears!

While some things have been difficult, the first two months of owning a Beauceron have been largely exciting and unexpectedly easy. When breeders and fanciers speak of how quality genetics can dictate the future of a dog, I did not expect those genetics to show themselves so soon. I have been surprised again and again at the sheer intuition and instinct that Rowan came to me with. He has been exposed to humans of all ages, livestock, construction, thunderstorms, and fireworks. We have gone on several outings including the Sunshine State Cluster show. Rowan floored me at his ability to remain calm and collected the entire day while passing hundreds of people and dogs. He showed flawlessly in the Beginner Puppy ring (I, however, need more work!), as well as received his CGC, CGCA, and TKN the next day! I could not be prouder of his character and behavior.

The first few months of bringing a new canine into any family can be both extremely exciting and difficult, but I truly believe overcoming those difficulties is what truly makes the relationship between canine and human stronger. Over the next few months, Rowan and I will continue our obedience and conformation training, and attending herding and SAR training. For obedience, we are working on duration and distance on his positions as well as in-motion position work. For herding, we are allowing his instincts to drive him while also working on calm behaviors around the sheep. For conformation, we have had the hardest time with a manipulated stack and have moved onto working on a solid free stack until he meets the height and age requirements for showing. For SAR, we are meeting with our local SAR K9 team to evaluate his temperament and begin HRD (Human Remains Detection) land and water foundations.

I look forward to updating everyone on our progress and connecting with everyone on your own struggles and successes in early puppyhood. If you have any questions you would like answered, stories you would like told, or topics you would like discussed, please feel free to email them to me at caitlinxbailey@gmail.com or send me a message on Facebook.

Wags & Brags

Oshi Earns HTADs-1 and Goes HIT!

At the AHBA trial held by the San Pasqual Valley Herding Club, Océane and I trialed for our HTADs-1 title. We did two runs against six to seven competitors. First run was a Q and third place due to losing a sheep at the start that I did not want to lose time trying to pick up. Our second run, Océane swept away the competition with a first place run losing only 1/2 a point and securing herself not only the new title of HTAD 1 but also High in Trial at the end of it all!! I am immensely proud of my bred-by bitch and the amount of talent she continues to show me on the herding field.

ABC Rescue Logo

ABC Rescue Raffle

Kara Staroski


For instructions on GRAND PRIZE items please see the picture captions. Only 30 tickets will be sold for each of the two grand prize items. When they are gone, they are GONE.

Flying Pig Dryer High Velocity Dryer
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RTK Kennel
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For all regular items, tickets are $2 each. Please read through the instructions to prevent confusion.

  • 1. We will only be accepting payments via Paypal. Please send payment to Treasurer@Beauce.org, under the notes section type “Raffle.”
  • 2. Once you have made your payment please message American Beauceron Club Rescue and tell us how many total tickets you purchased, how many tickets you want applied to what items you want to try to win, and your contact information.
    “Hello, My name is Kara Staroski, I purchased 10 Tickets, I would like 5 tickets to go to Item #14 and 5 tickets to item #27 My phone number is 860-707-8048.”
    Also, if your Paypal name is different then your Facebook name please let us know!
  • 3. Winner agrees to pay all shipping and handling charges, unless noted otherwise.

Winners will be drawn virtually November 1, 2020. Winners will be posted in the ABC Rescue raffle album and notified via phone/text message. We strongly encourage you to share our raffle page with friends, family, coworkers etc. Although many of the items are Beauce specific there are plenty of prizes geared towards all dog lovers and even a few items for people to enjoy!

Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Unsolicited Advice

Thank you to the ABC members for sharing sassy side eye (Clockwise from top left): Lily (Jasmine Sanders); Omen (Regina Erhart Fasold); Jackal and Uolie (Kara and Bubba Staroski); Selleck (Stephanie Smith); Moulin (Crystal Bomer); Atlas (Lauren Trathen); Mystic and Phawkes (Robin Gowen); Mesa (Syndi Keats).

Deva Wilson

Deva Wilson is an agility instructor that has been involved in dog sports her whole life, at the age of 12 she was competing at a national level. She is now 22 and successfully runs her own training business while training and competing with her own dogs. ABC Member Stacy Crivello sat down with her to procure this issue’s Unsolicited Advice.

Deva Wilson and Vader

What should someone who is just starting out in agility, or a first-time Beauceron owner wanting to do agility, look for in an instructor?

Look for an instructor that has experience with a wide variety of breeds. An instructor should be willing to adapt and modify their program to the needs of the individual dog that’s in front of them. Positive re-enforcement is used most of the time but with intelligent high intensity breeds like Beaucerons negative marker words can be very useful.

What is the most challenging aspect of the breed, relative to other breeds, that you have experienced during training agility?

A dog that doesn’t like repetition can be a challenge, as with most training, agility does involve a lot of repetition. So, you do have to be creative at times to keep some dogs engaged when learning certain skills. They are, of course, a herding breed which tend to be mouthy and can be triggered by motion. Agility is all about motion so it’s important to make sure that puppies and young dogs understand how to control themselves because a lot of motion is involved and you don’t want bad habits to develop in the ring.

They are a large quick breed which can also be a challenge as timing is very important in the sport of agility so sometimes as a handler you have to improvise during a run so always make sure you have plan A, B, and C.

What has surprised you about the breed, good and/or bad?

They are a lot like training my Border Collies, just bigger. They are high drive and very smart, therefore they pick up on things quickly so you want to make sure they are always rewarded for the correct things at the correct time as they can imprint a behavior, correct or incorrect, after only a session or two. Which is another reason why finding a good instructor is so important.

Any other thoughts or advice for doing agility with a Beauceron?

Make sure that you have clear consistent contact criteria from the beginning as it makes the job easier on the dog. A contact, for those that have never done agility, are the yellow areas at the bottom of the dog walk, A-frame, and teeter. Learning proper jump mechanics is very important along with making sure that if you start with a puppy that you remember their growth plates don’t close until usually around 12-18 months old so they should not be put on obstacles right away. There is a lot of flat work and foundational skills that are involved in agility and those can be started immediately with a puppy, but not the actual obstacles themselves.