BOD Minutes – Feb 2020

Sara Reid

American Beauceron Club Board of Director’s Meeting February 20, 2020 @ 7:00 pm EST

Meeting called to order at 7:08PM EST Recording Started at 7:08PM EST

Roll Call: President Carol Cossey; Vice President: Crystal Bomer (Joined 9:08 pm); Secretary Sara Reid; Treasurer ; Region 1 Courtney Goddard; Region 2 Jon Hicks; Region 3 Irina Sasu Pernoll; Region 4 Sidney Wilcox

No Treasurer

  • Treasurer Report:
    • Appointing a new treasurer was discussed
    • Sara Reid moves to appoint Ashley DeNoma as Treasurer for the remaining 2020 term.
      • 2nd Crystal Bomer
        • 7 Yay, 0 Nay, 0 Abstain
          • Motion passes 2/20/2020
    • Previous Treasurer needs to make appointment with the bank to get accounts transferred.
    • Sara Reid will continue to work with Paige to get everything transferred.
  • Di Brown Membership was discussed.
    • Jon Hicks moves to approve Di Brown’s Membership.
      • 2nd Sidney Wilcox
        • 6 Yay, 0 Nay, 1 Abstain
          • Motion passes 2/20/2020
  • Region 4 Supported entry for Kalmath Show was discussed. Nothing to report due to Covid.
    • Jon Hicks moves to approve supported entry for Region 4.
      • 2nd Crystal Bomer
        • 7 Yay, 0 Nay, 0 Abstain
          • Motion passes 2/20/2020
  • Region 2 Herding Trial was discussed.
    • Sara Reid moves to approve Region 2 Herding trial over Labor Day weekend.
      • 2nd Courtney Goddard
        • 7 Yay, 0 Nay, 0 Abstain
          • Motion passes 2/20/2020
  • Renewals were discussed and extending the time to renew.
    • Crystal Bomer moves to extend 60 days for late renewals.
      • 2nd Courtney Goddard
        • 7 Yay, 0 Nay, 0 Abstain
          • Motion passes 2/20/2020

New Business:

  • Code of Ethics:
    • Code of Ethics was emailed for Board review.
    • Revisions were discussed and the topic was tabled.
  • January Meeting Minutes:
    • Meeting Minutes were uploaded on FB group for review. Revisions were made in red and revised.
    • Facebook Motions were added.
    • Irina Sasu Pernoll moves to approve minutes after revisions were made.
      • 2nd Crystal Bomer
        • 7 Yay, 0 Nay, 0 Abstain
          • Motion passes 2/20/2020
  • Calendars:
    • Calendars were sold at Royal Canin in December. They need to be sent to Ways and Means.
  • Secretary Box:
    • Irina Sasu Pernoll to reach out to member J’Anna to see if she may have it.
  • Pa Status:
    • Carol Cossey will send Secretary paperwork to be signed and mailed to have officers updated.

Committee Reports

  • Breed Certification:
    • Due to some disagreements within the committee Chair J’Anna decided to step down and cancel membership renewal. She was refunded and remaining members will act as co-chairs.
  • Ways & Means:
    • The Beaucie Gram made a profit of $300.
  • National Committee:
    • Check from member was sent to the wrong account. Refund to be issued.
  • Newsletter;
    • Next release is scheduled for the 21st .
  • 2020 National Committee:
    • Working on raising money,
    • Entries will open soon.
  • Public Education:
    • As meet the breeds events get bigger the committee would like to request more money to improve each year. Proposal will be submitted for Board Approval.

Old Business:

  • ATT will be added for beaucerons April 2020.
  • Next meeting will be determined on Facebook page.
    • Sara Reid moves to ratify all motions on Facebook made between 1/6/2020 to 2/20/2020.
      • 2nd Jon Hicks
        • 7 Yay, 0 Nay, 0 Abstain
          • Motion passes 2/20/2020

Facebook Motions:

  • Sidney Wilcox moves to make Sara Reid a signor on the American Beauceron Club bank accounts.
    • 2nd Jon Hicks
      • 6 Yay, 0 Nay, 0 Abstain
        • Motion passes 2/6/2020
    • Jon Hicks make a motion to appoint Robyn Salley as Membership Secretary to assist Sara Reid in the capacity of “Secretary”.
    • 2nd Sara Reid
      • 6 Yay, 0 Nay, 0 Abstain
        • Motion passes 2/5/2020
  • Jon Hicks make a motion to appoint J’Anna Lyttle to be chairman of the Breed Cert Committee.
    • 2nd Courtney Goddard
      • 7 Yay, 0 Nay, 0 Abstain
        • Motion passes 1/22/2020
  • Jon Hicks make a motion to accept the resignation of Paige Johnson as treasurer of the American Beauceron Club based on the email at 9:44 PM on January 20, 2020.
    • 2nd Sara Reid
      • 7 Yay, 0 Nay, 0 Abstain
        • Motion passes 1/21/2020
  • Jon Hicks move to accept the revised proposal by Syndi Keats for a Herding Clinic to be held on August 9-10 in Gardnerville, NV.
    • 2nd Courtney Goddard
      • 7 Yay, 0 Nay, 0 Abstain
        • Motion passes 1/20/2020
  • Crystal Bomer moves to adjourn meeting.
    • 2nd Sara Reid
      • 7 Yay, 0 Nay, 0 Abstain
        • Motion passes 2/20/2020

Meeting ends 8:23 PM

BOD Minutes – Mar 2020

Sara Reid

American Beauceron Club Board of Director’s Meeting March 30, 2020 @ 7:00 pm EST

Meeting called to order at 7:13PM EST Recording Started at 7:13PM EST

Roll Call: President Carol Cossey; Vice President: Crystal Bomer (Joined 9:08 pm); Secretary Sara Reid; Treasurer Ashley DeNoma; Region 1 Courtney Goddard; Region 2 Jon Hicks; Region 3 Irina Sasu Pernoll; Region 4 Sidney Wilcox

All in attendance

  • Treasurer Report:
    • Paperwork to have accounts transferred is complete.
    • Packages sent to respective parties.
    • Sara Reid to begin the process of adding current treasurer Ashley DeNoma and Current President Carol Cossey to accounts. Sara Reid to say on as 3rd signor.
  • By Laws & COE: No new changes to report.
    • Bylaws were discussed.
  • Breed Certification information that was sent prior to the meeting was discussed.
    • Sidney Wilcox moves to accept the changes to the Versatility award and application.
      • 2nd Irina Sasu Pernoll
        • 7 Yay, 0 Nay, 0 Abstain
          • Motion passes 2/20/2020
    • Sidney to reach out to the committee.
  • Rescue Report:
    • Spoke about the current dogs in the program.
    • Yaeger’s medical visit was discussed.
  • Public Education:
    • Nothing to report due to Covid.
  • Judges Education:
    • Nothing to Report due to Covid.
  • Health Committee:
    • Survey was discussed.
      • Survey was to determine “where members wanted funds to go?”
      • Earlier confusion was clear and it’s good to launch.
  • Ways and Means:
    • Calendar is being worked on.
    • Nonmember submittals were discussed.
  • National Speacialty:
    • Board discussed at length what should be done with everything going on because of Covid.
    • Region 1 elected to push back planning the 2021 specialty and have that be Region 4’s year.
    • Conclusion was to postpone while plans could still be changed & canceled.
    • Jon Hicks moves to postpone the 2020 Specialty/Journee to 2021 in Blackfoot ID.
      • 2nd Sara Reid
        • 6 Yay, 0 Nay, 1 Abstain
          • Motion passes 3/30/2020
    • Official announcement to be drafted and sent to membership from Carol Cossey.
    • Sidney Wilcox moves to make the Blackfoot ID cluster shows a supported entry if shows are not canceled
      • 2nd Sara Reid
        • 7 Yay, 0 Nay, 0 Abstain
          • Motion passes 3/30/2020
  • Webmaster: Nothing at this time
  • Newsletter: Next issue to come out sometime in the coming week.
  • Late Renewals were discussed.
    • Jon Hicks moves to accept late renewals.
      • 2nd Courtney Goddard
        • 7 Yay, 0 Nay, 0 Abstain
          • Motion passes 3/30/2020
  • Jon Hicks moves to approve Facebook motions made from 2/20/2020 to 3/30/20
    • 2nd Irina Sasu Pernoll
      • 7 Yay, 0 Nay, 0 Abstain
        • Motion passes 3/30/2020
  • Courtney Goddard leaves call 9:07 PM
  • Crystal Bomer joins call 9:08 PM (recap given)
  • Sidney Wilcox leaves call 9:12 PM
  • Next meeting tentively set for April 27, 2020. Confirmed via Facebook after schedules are checked.
  • Irina Sasu Pernoll moves to adjourn the meeting.
    • 2nd Jon Hicks
      • 6 Yay, 0 Nay, 0 Abstain
        • Motion passes 3/30/2020

Meeting ends 9:31 PM

The Beauceron Bulletin

The Beauceron Bulletin

Volume XXIV Issue 3

May/June 2020

Inside This Issue:

Pick of the Litter

Shelby & Amber Kuzcharski

Envy (left) and Siren (right)

Ages: 28 & 33, 2 years (Envy) and 3 months (Siren)

Location: Tampa Bay, Florida

Beaucerons: “Envy” Oh Golly Miss Molly De Haute Crete & “Siren” and Raging Sea Gardien Des Chutes du Chateau Rocher

How long did you research before adding a Beauceron to your life? I believe it was probably about 3 to 4 years before we added Envy to the mix and Siren is still just a baby.

What did you do to prepare? We own a dog training business and own a bunch of crazy high energy breeds so we mentally can handle the crazy. In my opinion, bully sticks are a must! Gives you approximately 1 minute of free time.

Oh Golly Miss Molly De Haute Crete

How did you find your breeder? Envy & Siren come from different breeders. We wanted a dog that had high energy, played with toys, that is very silly/goofy personality, but also aloof to strangers. I did not want something that was fearful, but like the aloof toward strangers.

What Goals do you have? Conformation, dock diving, barn hunt, lure coursing and therapy work.

What is something that you were not ready for with you Beauceron? Siren likes to play bite everything. Ear taping/posting! I feel ear taping needs its own group on Facebook. It’s not difficult to do, but requires two people and of course we don’t want our cropped ears to fall or look bad.

Raging Sea Gardien Des Chutes du Chateau Rocher

What is easier then you had expected about owning a Beauceron? They really love their people and it didn’t take much convincing to “love” us.

If you had to give advice to someone coming into the breed what would it be? Meet with several different dogs if you can. When we originally met the breed several years ago I almost decided to not even bother. I was super unimpressed with the ones I did meet (except Fleetwood, loved him) because they were fearful. Learn to meet with the right dogs so you can eventually pair yourself with a similar dog or what you are looking for. I’m extremely glad we stuck around because I REALLY love this breed.

What do you think we need more of in the community? I think more education for newcomers and less breeding of dogs that do not fit breed standard, i.e., Fearful breeding lines with known health issues.

Is there anything that you would have done differently so far? Take more time off to raise and socialize.

What are some things you are looking forward to in the future? We would love to have more Beauceron owning friends. We also would love to help foster in the rescue (we are already approved fosters) and can’t wait for COVID19 to end so we can go back to the dog shows!

Merle Genetics: An Introduction

Lauren Trathen & Diana Densmore

Unlike many other well-established breeds that have genetic markers and recommended genetic testing to be completed, very little testing is done or encouraged for the Beauceron. A lot of topics of discussion over the years have surrounded our “harlequin” Beaucerons, their white marks, the tweed (oddly brownish spots), and their fading aspect. First and foremost, you must understand that when we use the term harlequin it is only because of its French origin and not because their color is due to the harlequin gene; harlequin Beaucerons are merle genetically speaking. The merle genetics in dogs are still being studied and researched by passionate leaders in the field, one of which is Mary Langevin. She is a well-known Catahoula breeder who quite literally wrote “the book” on merle, and is backed by the testing results she discovered in partnership with Tilia Labs in the Czech Republic.

Merle testing is one way that both owners and breeders can use genetic data to make better informed decisions and be able to educate others who come into our breed after us. Tilia Labs is the only analyst, currently, to identify and report on all seven alleles associated with merle. While it may seem that merle testing for black and rust dogs is not applicable, that is not the case. Most of us who have brushed the surface of merle genetics are aware there is M (Merle Dominant allele) and m (non-merle allele), but there are many more variations which can be more readily seen in other breed such as Australian Shepherds and Catahoulas. Beaucerons do NOT exclusively carry regular merle and non-merle; that is not how this works. Mc, Mh, Ma, Mc+, etc., are all variations of the merle alleles that can come with having merle in our breed.

Diana Densmore obtained permission from Mary Langevin to share (reprint) this article on understanding merle genetics that was originally written for the Australian Shepherd breed and to encourage all Beauceron owners, particularly those with “harlequins” but also black and rust dogs to be tested through Tilia Labs and to share those results with the breed community.

Mary Langevin – Unraveling the Mysteries of Merle

A Touch of French

Lauren Trathen

Bonjour & Bienvenue to the newsletter’s French language section!

Bonjour, mes amis! Ça va?

Moi, ça va trés bien aujourd’hui*!

See the first column to refresh your greeting! How would you respond to being asked how your day is? (aujourd’hui* = today)

Verbe: Être (to be)

This is one of the most important French verbs and will be the first one we tackle in present tense! This video is a great reference if you want help with pronunciation.

Par exemple: “Je suis heureuse (fem)” translates to “I am happy”. Keeping in mind our last lesson of what each pronoun means, this verb translates to phrases like “I am”, “You are”, “He/She/We are”, “We are”, “You (group or formal) are”, and “They are (masc/fem)”.

(I) Je/J’   suis
(You) Tu   es
(He, She, We) Il/Elle/On   est
(We) Nous   sommes
(You, plural) Vous   êtes
(They) Ils/Elles   sont

Some adjectives you can use to practice your être conjugations and take note of the differences in word gender, if there are any:

  • Heureuse(f)/Heureux(m) – Happy
  • Fatiguée(f)/Fatigué(m) – Tired
  • Triste – Sad
  • Ennuyée(f)/Ennuyé(m) – Bored
  • Drôle – Funny
  • Jolie(f)/Joli(m) – Pretty

A bientôt!

Robyn struggling with Nyko

Why be a Club Member?

An Opinion Piece by Robyn Salley

I have been a Beauceron owner for 3 years, and a member of the Beauceron community for over 5 years now. There’s a constant theme I see in our community – desire for control. We want to control who breeds, who joins our community, which dogs win in each venue, what tests are needed, what dogs are rescued…the list goes on and on. In this article, I will discuss how being a member of the American Beauceron Club can be a productive outlet in that pursuit of control and a measured approach for not overstepping reasonable limits to that control.

Robyn struggling with Nyko
Robyn struggling to pick up Nyko

A bit snarky, don’t you think? I was hoping to catch your attention with this excerpt. As we move to a newsletter that is easier to generate from the website instead of expecting our volunteers to spend hours and hours on end formatting a pdf (Debbie Baker – we feel your pain on this!), we’re also able to track when people are actually clicking through the “Read More” to finish reading the full article. The numbers, unfortunately, are disappointing. A major benefit to joining the club is access to the newsletter which is intended to be a repository of information about the club (minutes, letters from our officers, treasurer updates, titles, etc.) as well as a source of valuable information about the breed (articles carefully curated from the membership). If people aren’t reading the newsletter, then why have they joined the club?

That brings me back to the idea of control. Now I know Di Brown is sitting off to the side sighing loudly at the structure of this article, but I know she’ll bear with me as I struggle to make my point.

The club is the mechanism by which Beauceron community is organized to influence the general public and liaise with the American Kennel Club (which, while AKC is not the only kennel club in the US, it is the main one that Beauceron owners utilize for titling). The club is who can recommend changes to the breed standard, health testing, and breed education.

The club is our organized voice. The club is our mechanism for control.

As of late, Facebook has been our (dis)organized voice. With the rise of social media, the ability to organize and promote voices has become much easier through ad hoc Facebook groups that reach beyond just a niche community. I know there was a Yahoo! Groups presence before, but the connectivity to the rest of “DogBook” and the general Facebook public does not really have a parallel through that medium.

Now before anyone starts to get their hackles up, I’m not going to bash Beauceron owners and their Facebook presences. In fact, I am impressed with how our community has utilized social media. We are making our voices heard. Our networks are so wide! There’s connectivity across continents that is amazing. The ease at which people, like I did years ago, can learn about the breed and begin to contribute positively is fantastic.

My argument, though, is that we stopped using our club in favor of Facebook which has led us down the route of exerting control over everything instead of focusing our efforts on the areas where we do have systematic power to make changes.

Don’t get me wrong, we need both.

We need the community outreach that social media can provide. We need the groups to be able to quickly and easily have important discussions. We need to build our communities in a way that social media platforms facilitate by the nature of their design. But, beyond that, we still need to utilize our club to take all of these ideas and get them approved by formal processes and get them embedded in AKC (and other kennel clubs we choose to associate with).

To do that, we need to take all of those leadership and organizational skills that we see displayed so beautifully through groups such as Beaucerons in North American, Beaucerons Worldwide, Beaucerons in Obedience & Rally, Beauceron Breed Standard Review, et al. We have the skills in our community to manage people and ideas! And, guess what, they do it for free!!!

We should leverage that skillset in our board – moving from a model that is constantly putting out flames to a model that sets goals for each committee with deadlines and follows up on them. Within our committees, we have chairs who should provide the board and the membership with regular updates on the good work that they’re all doing. Within our membership, we should have outreach programs to make sure that each voice is heard and every idea is accounted for.

If we harness that energy, we can harness the ability to make changes to critical concerns from the club in a timely manner (Are elbows required? Are they not required?). We can discuss every rule in our Code of Ethics with the level of criticality we discuss the rules for a Facebook group. We can address membership complaints with the same gusto we do when someone slides into our PMs to say there’s a potential person trying to sell puppies through one of our groups.

We just have to get organized and recognize the difference between social media and a non-profit club. That gives us our community and it gives us our focused control.

I commend all of our volunteers – none of these jobs are easy, within the club or outside of it. I just want us to all take a step back and look at our club. What can we do to use the club to better the breed in the ways that we all so desperately want to?